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Questions penales et penitentiaires
Letter to Sir Alexander Maxwell from J.W.C. Turner, 28-2-42
Committee to consider the promotion of Research and Teaching in Criminal Science
Letter to Dr. Benes from J.W.C. Turner
Report of Committee Concerned with Crimes Against International Public Order
Writing on a piece of paper
International Commission for Penal Reconstruction and Development
Letter to A.L. Easterman from J.W.C. Turner, 6th January, 1944
Writing on a Piece of Paper
Memorandum to Leon Radzinowicz from Martin Wright with Legislation on standard for treatment of prisoners
Letters from J.W.C. Turner to diplomats and academics, February, 1944
Letter to Mr. Stabell from J.W.C. Turner, 20-3-42
Correspondence between J.W.C. Turner and members of the World Jewish Congress, 1944
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz from T. Miklaszewski
Writing on a Piece of Paper
Representatives of the International Association of Penal Law to International Organizations
Book Review
Letter to Mr. Turner, 8th July, 1943
Reply to the Questionnaire of 8th April, 1942 for the Committee Concerned with Crimes Against International Order
Letter to P.L.T. Graham-Harrison from Leon Radzinowicz
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from A. D. McNair, 15 May, 1943
Letter to Mr. Turner, 7-7-1943
Chrétien de Troyes et une Coutume Anglaise
United Nations documents
Social Defence and Development
Legislation on Standards for Treatment of Prisoners
Record Discussing the Meeting of the Committee of Management
Writing on a piece of paper
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from J.L. Brierly, 20 Nov. 1943
Erste Frage
Cambridge University Reporter
Letters about Radzinowicz's Preliminary Report
Letter to Professor Turner from Terje Wold, 27th November, 1941
Letter to Goodhart from J.W.C. Turner, 10 October, 1944
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz from Hon. J Chuter Ede
Letter to Sir Leon Radzinowicz from Sir Charles Cunningham
Letter from J.W.Cecil Turner to Mr. Reyne
European office of the United States
Note for General Monckton
Letter from Cecil A. Wright to J.W.C. Turner
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from A.L. Easterman, November 6th, 1942
Resolution Adopted by the Economic and Social Council
Juvenile Courts
Letter to R.M. Jackson from J.W.C. Turner, 6th July, 1943
Deliberations of the International Penal and Penitentiary Congresses
Letter to Mr. Paterson, 27 November, 1941
The Standard Minimum Prison of the 1970s
Letter to unknown from Hugh J. Klare