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Role ofmRNA stability in histone gene expression
The structural motif and backbone dynamics of membrane-bound gramicidin-A using solid-state nitrogen-15 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
A phytoplankton-zooplankton model of the middle and outer shelf domains of the Southeast Bering Sea Shelf during spring bloom conditions
Experimental determination of the average fraction of jet momentum carried by the leading hadrons produced at large transverse momenta
Mechanistic studies of the group 6 metal carbonyl trifluorophosphines
Elements of clinical decision-making
On the decadal modes of oscillation of an idealized ocean-atmosphere system
The design and implementation of a three-dimensional, primitive equation ocean circulation model
On knotting of randomly embedded polygons in R(3)
A three alpha-particle coincidence search for collective high spin states in carbon-12
The ecology of epifaunal communities on prop roots of the red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle
The training effects of analogical reasoning as strategic knowledge on problem-solving
Tricks of the Heart. (Original novel)
The banking panic of 1926
The role of capital allocative disturbances on economic fluctuations
The audience's tragicomic response to four absurdist plays
Determining societal impact for Florida's vocational education programs: Utilization of several state agencies' databases to capture and validate outcome indicators
Riding Solo with the Golden Horde. (Original novel)
An examination of staff development for part-time or adjunct faculties in Florida public community colleges
The Tugboat Captain's Granddaughter. (Original poetry)
The effect of instructional material on teachers' attitudes toward adoption and instructional effectiveness
British contributions to Antarctic exploration, 1891-1900
Beyond the Fruited Plain: Carnival of Doors (poetry of the unconscious), and Thirty-One Poems. (Original poetry)
Self-regulatory learning processes and academic achievement of high-risk students in higher education
A comparative study of the readability and comprehensibility of a simplified and the original version of an American short story with students of English as a Foreign Language
Blackwater and yellow pine: The development of Santa Rosa County, 1821-1865. (Volumes I and II)
Las mentiras de los personajes de la primera parte del "Quijote". (Spanish text)
An application of the hedonic method to an analysis of marina pricing in Florida
Effects of a self-instructional strategy on transfer of vocational-social skills by mildly handicapped secondary students
Comparison of the effects of two schema activators in the acquisition of verbal information in students with different levels of prior knowledge
Faculty grievances: A longitudinal study of conflict issues in the State University System of Florida
A study of Florida's system of two-year college learning resources programs using the proposed AECT/ACRL standards for two-year learning resources programs
John Holland's theory and the effective use of computer-assisted career guidance systems
A Delphi study of the impact of communication technologies on the public school districts in the United States
The decade after Moses: The political legacy of John C. Calhoun
The nontraditional adult student: Motivating factors triggering participation in higher education
Expectations, values and norms as predictors of uses and gratifications of mass media in Saudi Arabia
The effects of a teacher planning intervention model on selected teacher behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes
Generalized dynamic normal mode initialization
Studies of arginine kinase in the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus, with regard to potential intracellular compartmentation
A descriptive study of Type A and Type B male adolescents
Courts and politics: A quantitative analysis of lawyers and criminal appeal cases
A contrastive approach to language transfer in Chinese and English subject structures
The elderly consumer: Social integration, perceived adequacy of resources, and complaint behavior
A range-frequency approach to the modeling of consumer satisfaction
Curriculum materials centers in teacher training institutions: A comparative study to determine existing and desired conditions
Perceived factors that influence enrollment decisions of Hispanic students at the Florida State University
A study of the grading attitudes and practices of faculty who teach undergraduate courses in the College of Education at the Florida State University
The "talk" of returning women graduate students: An ethnographic study of reality construction
Role performance and role importance of municipal law enforcement training directors in North Carolina