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Fishnet in water
Two Lane Break-Away
Dr. Herrnkind and class on marine boat tour
Unknown girl from Saturday at the Sea Program looking at sea urchin under microscope
President John E. Champion, right, with Chester Ferguson, chairman, Board of Regents.
Kasha, Michael
View of the Ocean
View of the Ocean
Visitors entering FSU Aquarium Exhibit
Black Bird
Karl, Adolf
River landscape
James, Annetta
Michel, Donald
Students mirror each other
Mackey, C.
Bottom of Horseshoe Crab
Marine Biology Faculty talking at dinner party
Miles, E.P.
FSU Shoreline Restoration Representative talking with guest at booth
Harper Bill- Art Education
Matthew, Donald F. Dr.
Teaching the Flying High Circus class
Landsdale, Robert
Trenary, Richard W.
FSU Ocean Atmospheric Fair Representative talking with visitor
Sitting on trapeze ropes
Mantney, Bronson
Blackwell, Gordon W.-Recieives "Sounds of Florida History" Tapes from House speaker Mallory E. Horne
River at Twilight
Ernst von Dohnányi and Edward Kilenyi
Swartz, Jack
seashells in Water
Blackwell's inauguration
Inauguration of John E. Champion as president.
Tightrope practice
FSU Marine Biology Faculty talking about sea snails
Unknown man at party
FSU Marine Biology Faculty talking with visitors
Group photo
Kids participating in Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity
Armstrong-Poventud House Museum, Ponce, Puerto Rico
Mollusca in a cooler
Unknown young lady
Kids viewing aquatic animals in holding tank
Hamme, Denise