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Dixy Quick Step
Somebody's Darling
All Quiet Along the Potomac To-Night
New Red White & Blue
Do they miss me at home [incomplete]
Murmur of the Shell
Soldier's Grave
Dixie's Land
Leonore Polka
Grand March
Maryland, My Maryland
Kiss Me Before I Die, Mother
Mule Schottisch
Confederates' Polka March
Dixie, the Land of King Cotton
C'est vous! Romance
No One to Love
Virginia and Last Rose of Summer]
Soldier's Grave
God Defendeth the Right
Wake! Lady, Wake!
Answer to "When this Cruel War is Over"
I Will Not Quite Forget
Soldier's Suit of Grey!
Bonnie Blue Flag with Variations
How Can I Leave Thee
Noxubee Mazurka
Bird of Beauty
Way Down in Dixie
Dearest Spot
Stonewall Brigade
Rock Beside the Sea
Let me Kiss Him for his Mother
You Can Never Win Us Back
Nun's Prayer
Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
No One to Love
Priere d'une Vierge
Why Do I Weep for Thee?
Maryland, My Maryland
Anvil Chorus
Strike for the South!
Napolitaine, I am Dreaming of Thee
Confederate Flag
On Guard
Confederates' Grand March