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Examination of relationships between incompleteness and perfectionism
Honors computing and python programming
Sex differences in counterresponding and subsequent arousal reduction following an agressive stimulus
"I am the Truth (أنا الحق)"
Trichotomies and dichotomies in women: Three short stories
Solid-State Photochemistry of Provitamin D
The convergent and discriminant validity of the child psychopathy narcissism dimension
The effects of a communication skills program: an analogue study
Legislative Effectiveness of Women Under Gender Quotas
The effects of supervisor-trainee interaction on trainee on-task behavior
The effects of a sub-maximal warm-up on endurance performance in trained male runners during a 30-minute time trial
Illegitimate children
Beyond structural adjustment : Sub-Saharan Africa's need for alternatives
Shallow days
examination of sexism in Mexico
case study of women's right to control of land in rural Uganda: local factors and indigenous organizations.
Recursive Reminding and Language Production
Surviving and Striving for Normalcy
Policy and Practice of Solitary Confinement in Federal Prison and Immigration Detention
Inferno II
proxy system for mobile intelligent agents
The presence and potential functions of nonlinear phenomena in cetacean vocalizations.
Meaning in the perception of housing components
Law and literature of the early 1960s: A study of "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Compulsion"
Saddam Hussein's totalitarianism: a comparative study
The renaissance of the twelfth century and vernacular literature
Design and Characterization of a Variable Stiffness Application for a Dynamic Running          Robot
Frontier intrigue and court adventure: ideology in the settlement of Pinkey's Treaty
Comparison of Reef Fish Communities East and West of Cape San Blas in Northeast Gulf of Mexico
Relations Among Narrative Lexical Diversity and Expressive/ Receptive Vocabulary of Young English Learners
Twenty year follow-up of Project Know How : first findings
Effect of Conductivity Solution Salt Type on the Formation of Hydrogen Peroxide in a          Low Power Gas-Liquid Plasma
International and Regional Indigenous Rights
Characterization of DNA methylation of the endogenous gene, Tgs5, in tgr1 Zea mays mutants
The Crying of Lot 49, Gravity's Rainbow V and Vineland : a study of character types, history, and excluded middles
Illusion as a pathway to reality: a comparative study of King Lear and Gravity's Rainbow
Postmodernism and Friedrich Schlegel's Gesprach uber die Poesie
Double-consciousness and the African-American woman
Conversations on the Top Steppe
Studies in Developing a Particle Flow Algorithm for the New CMS Forward Calorimetry          Upgrade
Influence of reproductive senescence on endometriosis-induced vaginal hyperalgesia in the rat.
survey of graphs having zero as an eigenvalue
Examining Factors Influencing the Differential Reporting of Suicide Attempt History Among Undergraduates at Elevated Suicide Risk
Under What Conditions Can a NGO be Effective in Implementing Sustainable Development Policies?
Searching for Sustainability
The molecular evolution of parvalbumin in elasmobranchs: determining the exon-intron structure
Touched By An Angel script: "Safe Passage"
Structural mass spectrometry of oligosaccharides by FT-ICR MS