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Volunteer Waltz
Fort Morgan Gallopade
Home to Our Mountains, Gypsy Duet
Dixey's Land
Aura Lea
God will Defend the Right
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
God Save the South
General Lee's Grand March
Southern Independence Hymn
Southrons' Chaunt of Defiance
I'd Choose to be a Daisy
Officer's Funeral
Darling Soon Return
Chapel and family hymn book
Gen. Forrest Schottisch
Hymns for children
Parade Polka March
Dixie War Song
Annen Polka
Grand March
Farewell Enchanting Hope
When the Boys Come Home
Gen. Beauregard's Grand March
Standard Bearer
Morning Prayer
God Save the South! National Hymn
God Save the South! National Hymn
Vacant Chair
I would like to Change my Name
In Memoriam
Continental Polka Mazurka
Bonny Jean
Golden bells, or, Hymns for our children
Amelie Waltz
Minnie Lee
Stonewall Quickstep
See at Your Feet a Suppliant One
Dear Mother I've come home to die
Dying Camille
The olive leaf: a collection of choice songs and hymns for Sunday schools, Christian endeavor and social meetings
When this Cruel War is Over
No One to Love
Rock Me to Sleep Mother
Beauregard Manassas Quickstep
Grand March
Drummer Boy