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Proces-verbal de la reunion du condeil de direction de L'Association Internationale de Droit Penal
Letter to Mrs. Sprigge, 13th June, 1944
Letter to Monsieur Bodson from J.W.C. Turner, 22 September, 1944
Letter to A.L. Easterman from J.W.C. Turner, 22 October, 1942
Letters to Leon Radzionwicz
The Scottish Law Review Note With Attached Book Excerpt
Letter to Dr. J.M. de Moor from J.W.C. Turner, 31 December, 1941
Private and Confidential Council Meetings
Envelope from Heinemann Educational Books Ltd to Sir Leon Radzinowicz
Letters from J.W.C. Turner to diplomats regarding the Committee concerned with Crimes against International Public Order
Letter dated 22 May 1958 from the Chairman of the Faculty of Law on a proposal to establish an Institute of Criminology
Letter to Arnold McNair from J.W.C. Turner, 3 June, 1942
Letter to Monsieur Delfosse, 30th July, 1943
Letter to Winfield from Lord Simonds
Colonial Penal Administration Committee from J.L. Keith
List of Criminological Congresses, Societies, and Periodicals
Reply from the Management Committee of the Institute of Criminology to a Memorandum by R.W.M Dias et al.
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from J. Burnay, April 30th, 1943
International Commission for Penal Reconstruction and Development
Regional Differences and Regional Difficulties with Regard to Public Participation
Telegram from McNair, 13 Jan 42
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from  the secretary of Mr. Stabell, 10th August, 1942
Observations presentees a la societe des nations
Letter to Turner from G.L. Goodluck, July 11, '43
Association internationale de droit penal
Letter to Mr. Turner from Dr. Jaroslav Stránký, 8th July, 1943
Replies to Questionnaire of Dr. McNair 28 April, 1942
Packet of communications between J.W.C. Turner and A.C.L. Morrison
Letter to Mr. Turner from Victor Bodson, July 13th, 1943
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from Sylvia Sprigge, June 8th, 1944
Standard Minimum Prison of 1929
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz
Letter to McNair from J.W.C. Turner, 2 October, 1944
Enforcement of the Rules
Letters from J.W.C. Turner to European diplomats, 12th November, 1943
Letter to Dr. Radinovich from Sylvia Sprigge, 23. xii. 43
League of Nations: The Development of International Co-Operation in Economic and Social Affairs
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz from I.H. Reekie
Public Participation
Institute for the Scientific Treatment of Delinquency
Public Participation
Social Defence and Planning
Commission II on the Trial of War Criminals
Citations in German
Committee to Consider the Promotion of Research and Teaching in Criminal Science
Extrait du document A.62, 1937. IV. de la Societe des Nations.
Registrar of the University in 1960
Citations in German and French