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An economic allocation of fishery stocks between recreational and commercial fishermen: The case of king mackerel
Institutional trading behavior around significant corporate restructuring announcements: The case of life insurance companies around mergers and leveraged buyouts
The significance of Schopenhauerian philosophy in late nineteenth century French literature
The United States and the European Defense Community: 1950-1954
The Raise Achievement in Secondary Education (RAISE) Bill, 1983: Perceived impact on the role of secondary school counselors in selected counties of Florida
Tests of the free cash flow theory of takeovers
An interrogative model of inquiry
Intermarket relationships: A direct test of interaction between the common stock and stock option markets
Style changes in American women's sportswear from 1881-1910
A theoretical and empirical investigation into the causes of depository institution failures in the 1980's
The value of literacy for the rural elderly: A naturalistic study
The effect of the external market environment on uncertainty, internal decision structure, and performance in the international market
Communication apprehension and introversion: What is the relationship?
Samson: Hero, martyr, or fool? An interdisciplinary study
El epicismo de "La guerra del fin del mundo". [Spanish text] (Peru, Mario Vargas Llosa)
An analysis of urban primacy: Reasserting the need for national spatial planning in developing countries
The design, development, implementation and evaluation of a plan of action to control turnover of security specialists in a state psychiatric hospital
A new family of survival functions derived from a general cumulative damage threshold crossing model for evolving structural systems of improving components with biomedical and accelerated life testing applications
Determination of nuclear spin tensor orientations and their application in the structure determination of gramicidin A by solid state NMR
Singular complex periodic solutions of van der Pol's equation and uniform approximations for the solution of Lagerstrom's model problem
The structure and dynamics of model microclusters
Estimation of the number of classes of objects through presence/absence data
Sequence preference motifs of covalent DNA binding by intercalating drugs and carcinogens
An evaluation of personality characteristics of smokeless tobacco users
Voluntary corporate restructuring
Exploring democratic transition in Taiwan: An analysis of macro and micro political changes
Frankenstein and the Odyssey: Subverting the gendered structure of the epic tradition
Wittgenstein and education: Teaching the infinite sign
A macroeconomic factor test of the arbitrage pricing theory
A profile of students who repeatedly fail one or more CLAST communication subtests
The effects of practice strategies, individual differences in cognitive styles, and sex upon technical accuracy and musicality of student instrumental performance
Relapse prevention treatment: Strategies for increasing adherence to an unsupervised exercise program
A study of stages of concern of a new intervention (computer-assisted instruction) in an elementary school
Algorithms and criteria for a computer simulation of the evaluation of student sight singing ability by college music faculty
A comparative study of the support and faculty, administrator, and student perceptions of associate business degree programs offered by the University of Maine system
Coping with maternal stress in intact and single-parent families with hearing-impaired preschool children
Coronary-prone behavior versus hostility type in cardiovascular reactivity
The effects of alcohol intoxication and arousal on eyewitness identification and recall
Perceived roles of consultants by users and dispensers in the allied health field in public postsecondary institutions
Institution entrepreneurism in selected single-campus Florida community colleges
The relationship among cognitive complexity, oxygen, and activity level in older women
Cloud and surface control on the earth's net radiation balance and the role of atmospheric/oceanic energy transports: A satellite perspective
Voltage-clamp study of cultured rat chromaffin cells and their response to muscarine
The influence of gender, family cohesion and family adaptability on the domains of adolescent identity
Confined supersonic mixing layers: A computational investigation of instability and mixing enhancement
Incarcerated adolescent child molesters, violent offenders, and nonviolent offenders: An analysis of abuse history, personality variables, and cognitive/neurological variables
The military career of Nicolas Charles Oudinot (1767-1847)
Protestantism in Ecuador: A case study in Latin American church history, 1895-1980s
An investigation of the origin of bells in the Western Christian Church based upon a study of musical instruments used within worship services at major religious shrines of Europe and the Middle East (500 B.C.E.-800 C.E.): The Parthenon, the Jewish Temple
An experimental study of the effects on reading comprehension of instruction in the MRM comprehension strategy