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Hospice Music Therapy Song Repertoire and Music Therapy Techniques
Effect of Music Therapy and Psychoeducation versus Psychoeducation for          Mainstreaming Mental Health Patients into Society
Effect of Music Therapy on the Spirituality of Persons in an In-Patient Hospice          Unit as Measured by Self-Report
György Ligeti's
Replication of a Concise Emotional Inventory for an Adolescent Population
From Grief and Joy We Sing
Examination of Selected Works for Oboe and English Horn from the Compostitions of          Daniel Pinkham (1923-2006)
Influence of Violin Schools on Prominent Violinists/Teachers in the United          States
Effect of Music Entrainment on Respiration of Patients on Mechanical Ventilation in          the Intensive Care Unit
Performance Guide to the Music for Flute and Piano by Philippe Gaubert
Effect of Musical Training and Musical Complexity on Focus of Attention to Melody          or Harmony
Unlikely Cornerstone
Neo-Riemannian Transformations and Prolongational Structures in Wagner's          Parsifal
Pieśni Muezina Szalonego, Op. 42 (Songs of an Infatuated Muezzin) by Karol          Szymanowski
Theodore Thomas's 1902 Performance of Bach's B-Minor Mass
Coptic Symmetry and Conceptual Continuation in Morton Feldman's for John Cage
Analysis of Performance Practice Trends in Recent Recordings of Tomás Luis De          Victoria's O Magnum Mysterium, O Quam Gloriosum, O Vos Omnes, and Officium Defunctorum as          Related to Historical and Contemporary Scholarly Literature
Organ Transcription of the Messe in C, Op. 169 by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger
Bayeux Tapestry for Full Orchestra
Selected Taiwanses Art Songs of Hsiao Tyzen
Desist for Orchestra
Effect of Music-Reinforced Nonnutritive Sucking on State of Preterm, Low          Birthweight Infants Experiencing Heelstick
Effect of Music on Pediatric Anxiety and Pain during Medical Procedures in the Main          Hospital or the Emergency Department
Homage in the Solo Guitar Music of Roland Dyens
Sonatas for Violin and Piano by the Bulgarian Composers Pancho Vladigerov, Lubomir          Pipkov, Dimitar Nenov, Veselin Stoyanov, and Marin Goleminov
Exploration of Extra-Musical Issues in the Music of Don Byron
Solving Counterproductive Tensions Induced by Russian Diction in American          Singers
Annotated Bibliography of Works by Pulitzer Prizewinning Composers for Solo Viola,          Viola with Keyboard, and Viola with Orchestra
Study of Robert Ward's Three Works for Violin and Piano
Effect of Developmental Music Groups for Parents and Premature or Typical Infants          under Two Years on  Parental Responsiveness and Infant Social Development
Correcting the Right Hand Bow Position for the Student Violinist and Violist
Worlds of Rigoletto Verdi's Development of the Title Role in Rigoletto
Effect of Expressive and Instrumental Touch on the Behavior States of Older Adults          with Late-Stage Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type and on Music Therapist's Perceived          Rapport
Effect of Music Therapy on Parents' and Pediatric Patients' Perception of the          Nurse
Putting Research into Practice
Survey of the Use of Extended Techniques and Their Notations in Twentieth Century          String Quartets Written since 1933 by American Composers with a Selected Annotated          Bibliography and Discography
Louise Farrenc's Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano
Henrique De Curitiba Morozowicz
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Symphony No. 1
Musical Characteristics of the Songs Attributed to Peter of Blois (c.          1135-1211)
Guide for Undergraduate Level Students to Perform Music for Solo Viola, Viola and          Piano, and Viola and Orchestra by Turkish Composers
Effect of Music Therapy Relaxation Techniques on the Stress and Anxiety Levels of          Music and Music Therapy Students and Music and Music Therapy Professionals
Comparison of Hearing and Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Students' Use of Analytic, Figurative,          and Temporal Language in Descriptions of Music
Most Commonly Used Etude Books by Cello Teachers in American Colleges and          Universities
Voice of the New Renaissance
History of the Japan Choral Association