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Risk and Liability Analysis Modeling for Hurricane Damage on Florida Bridges
Radon Solubility in Water as a Function of Salinity and Temperature
Reactive and Proactive Aggression
Marine-Influenced Siliciclastic Unit (Citronelle Formation) in Western Panhandle Florida
Influences of Stylistic and Programmatic Elements in Selected Works by Alyssa Morris
Effect of a Single-Session Music Therapy Group Intervention for Grief Resolution on the Disenfranchised Grief of Hospice          Workers
Supervisory opinions of the effectiveness of means used for communicating through city-wide children's art exhibitions educational values of art education to public and parents
Analysis of Musical Narrative and Signification in Jason Robert Brown's Score for Parade
Regressing over Linear-Circular Data Using a Mixture of Linear-Linear Regression Models
Footprint of the Dynamical Amplifier of Global Warming and Attribution of Models' Uncertainties
Use of Video Clubs to Support the Reflective Practice of Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers in Their Mathematics Instruction
Parametric Uncertainty Analysis of Uranium Transport Surface Complexation Models
Impact of a Career Course on Undergraduate Students' Career Decision State as a Function of Negative Career Thoughts
Investigation of the Impact of the Structure and Quality of Relationships on Knowledge Exchange and Individual Performance
Testing the Limits of Levelt's Loops with Delayed Auditory Playback
Hollow Gold Nanosphere Optical Transducers Studied Using Femtosecond Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy
Survey of Music Therapists Working in Medical Hospitals
From Green to Gold
Pride and Humility
Optimizing MPI Point-to-Point Communication Performance on RDMA-Enabled SMP-CMP Clusters
Semiparametric Bayesian Regression Models for Skewed Responses
How Pre-Service Teachers' Initial Responses to High School Writers Help Shape Their Teaching Identities
Effect of a Blended Movement Intervention Using Music, Imagery, and Relaxation on the Movement-Induced Pain, Mood, and Medication Usage of Women with Osteoarthritis Joint Pain
Beta Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰,³¹Al and in-Beam Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰Al
Speechreading's Benefit to the Recognition of Sentences as a Function of Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Twentieth-Century Western Scholarly, Artistic, and Journalistic Perspectives on the Middle East
Social Communication Profiles of Toddlers with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder from Three Racial/Ethnic Groups
Supervision of the school health program
Methodist Itinerants' Autobiographies and the Politics of Memory
New Numerical Procedures for the Lagrangian Analysis of Hierarchical Block-Structured Reactive Flow Simulations
Examining the Determinants of Charter School Expansion and the Relationship of Charter Schools and District Performance Using Event History Analysis and Cross          Sectional Modeling
Art Integration and Reading Achievement
Career Decisions of Independent School Teachers
Surface Subgroups of 3-Manifold Groups
NMR Investigation of the Layered Superconductor NbSe2
Processing and Characterization of Superconducting Solenoids Made of Bi-2212/Ag-Alloy Multifilament Round Wire for High Field                 Magnet Applications
Writing Instruction in Third Grade Classrooms and Effects on Students' Literacy Achievement
Physical Based Modeling and Simulation of LiFePO₄ Secondary Batteries
Large Wind Missile Impact Performance of Public and Commercial Building Assemblies
Underground Office
Context of Repetitive and Stereotyped Behaviors in Young Children with Autism          Spectrum Disorders
World War I Narratives and the American Peace Movement, 1920-1936
Relationships as Strategic Assets
Lithium Isotope Evolution of Cenozoic Seawater
Qualitative Analysis of Revenue Sharing in Professional Sports Broadcasting Using          Network Theory
Evolutionary Dynamics of Bacterial Persistence under Nutrient/Antibiotic Actions
Singers of Wisdom
Semiparametric Survival Analysis Using Models with Log-Linear Median
Native vs. Non-Native Processing of Spanish
Democratic Blind Spots