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Restoration of Criminal Justice. Law Conference at Cambridge.
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from Arnold D. McNair, March 16th, 1942
Cumulative Research on the Prison Population
Letter to Monsieur Aulie, 21st May, 1943
Polish notes
Provisional Budget (as revised)
Letter to Mr. Cecil Turner, 20th July, 1943
Letters to Leon Radzinowicz from David E.S. Jenkins and Nicole Carman
Standard Rules
Tiré-À-Part du Recueil de documents en matière pénale et pénitentiaire
Third International Congress on Criminology London
Letter to Monsieur Ministre from J.W.C. Turner, 12-2-42
Letter to Mr. Easterman, 13th July, 1943
Relationship between the Faculty of Law and The Institute of Criminology
Letter to Mr. Turner from M. de Baer, 29th April, 1946
Citations in German
Changes in the Scope and Content of the Standard Minimum Rules as a Whole
Advanced Course in Criminology
Criminal Science Reprint from The Magistrate
Law Journal
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz from David E. Myers
Societe Internationale de Defense Sociale
Letter to Jackson from J.W.C. Turner, 21 September, 1944
Letter to Professor Turner from Peter P. Stabell, 13th March, 1942
International Commission for Penal Reconstruction and Development
Notes written on a scrap of paper
Letter to Mr. Turner, July 27th, 1943
Letter to Leon Radzinowicz from Cicely M. Craven
Letter to Dr. H.M. Taylor
Letters from J.W.C. Turner to diplomats, July, 1943
Catalogue and History of English Criminal Legislation
Crime Institute Rivalry
Letter to Mr. Turner, July 9th, 1943
Citations in German
Howard League for Penal Reform
Citations in German and French
Letter to E.J. Cohn, 21st January, 1944
Letter to Dr. Turner from Alexander Paterson, 9th December 1941
Committee on the Rights to be accorded to Persons suspected or accused of Crimes
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from Ernst J. Cohn, 30.5.42
Ministernstwo Sprawiedliwosci Warsawa
Letter to Monsieur Teplov, 30th July, 1943
Letter to Mr. Stannard from J.W.C. Turner, 31 December, 1941
Memorandum to Leon Radzinowicz from Martin Wright with list of publications concerning Japan