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A qualitative study of the use of health and medical information in planning and providing educational services to young children with disabilities
An annotated survey of original clarinet concertos with wind or chamber ensemble written by American composers between 1978 and 1987
Barriers to the public school principal's instructional leadership performance as perceived by principals, teachers, and key district personnel
Images of males and females in primary and middle school textbooks in Iraq: A content analysis study
A comparative study of the relationship between school climates and student achievement in fifth, seventh, and ninth grades in a north Florida school district
The relationship between college orientation and student effort: An exploratory study
Effects of goal-setting and self-efficacy on the effort and algebra achievement of high school students
Market-based modelling for public library facility location and use-forecasting
An analysis of the historical growth and development of the West Virginia Library Association and its effect upon the advancement of public librarianship in the state of West Virginia
Mother-daughter separation process during two stages of the family life cycle as impacted by family of origin, daughter's attitude toward mother and self-esteem
The social ecology of elderly homicide
An analysis of the work activities of high school library media specialists in automated and nonautomated library media centers using work sampling
An empirical examination of the time series properties of earnings per share using transfer function analysis at the industry level
The equity-efficiency trade-off model for the optimum location pattern for public facilities: The case of medical care facilities
An investigation of jewelry store image structure
Factors relating to the acquisition of competency in the use of personal computers among adults in Alaska
The test of a causal model relating student, school and teacher variables to Florida school district dropout rates
Individual and organization: Modeling commitment in public organizations
Factors affecting the attitudes of intermediate school students toward male and female roles in the family, education, and the professions in Iraq
Determination of mass transfer coefficients in agitated gas-liquid vessels using instantaneous reaction
A quantitative genetic study of sex ratio variation in a parasitic wasp, Muscidifurax raptor Girault and Sanders (Hymenoptera:Pteromalidae)
Tozan-ryu: An innovation of the shakuhachi tradition from fuke-shu to secularism
Watery Eden: A history of Wakulla Springs
Oil revenues, distributional coalitions, and economic development: An analysis of the Venezuelan case
Estudio neo-feminista: Mujeres en transicion y transformacion en la novelistica de Isabel Allende. (Spanish text); (Chile)
Gubernatorial power indices and budget outcomes
An investigation into the moderating effects of environment and retail store type on the relationships between perceived environmental uncertainty and strategy and strategy and performance
The relationship of marital satisfaction and job satisfaction to psychological adjustment in women
Incompressible surfaces in punctured Klein bottle bundles
Expression of chimeric small nuclear-RNA-histone genes
Spectroscopy and dynamics of reactive species in solution: Picosecond investigations of diaryliodonium salts and derivatives of 9-fluorene
Displaying geographic information: Efficient methods for raster displays
A comparative analysis of a major repeat DNA sequence prevalent among Anatidae (waterfowl)
Individual differences in the use of alcohol consumption as a coping strategy
Psychological effects of living with a depressed person
The relative importance of habitat characteristics in the maintenance of a larval anuran species assemblage in the tropics
The effectiveness of a nutrition education program designed for sodium reduction in an elderly population
Positive kaon neutral antikaon negative pion production in negative kaon proton interactions at 8 GeV/c
Study of the positive kaon neutral antikaon negative pion system produced in the reaction antiproton-proton going to positive kaon neutral antikaon negative pion + chi at 8 GeV/c
Imagination, religion, and morality in the shorter imaginative fiction of George MacDonald
La poesia indigenista en cuatro poetas latinoamericanos: Manuel Gonzalez Prada, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda y Rosario Castellanos. (Spanish text); (Peru, Chile, Mexico)
The transformation of consciousness in myth
The role of women in William Faulkner's apprentice work
Eastern's pilot rebellion: Patterns of conflict rhetoric preceding the 1989 pilot walkout at Eastern Airlines
Benefits of participation in mandatory continuing education as perceived by Florida respiratory care practitioners
A study of deposit collections of the Florida Division of Blind Services Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
A comparison of legal and extra-legal factors affecting criminal court decision-making
The evolution of the Vice character from medieval through Restoration drama
The development of an affective behavior assessment instrument for use with third-grade children in a music class situation
Lay midwifery in the twentieth century American South: Public health policy and practice