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Pioneering Twentieth Century African-American Musician
Symphony No. 2
Guitar Scale Excerpt Workbook
Assessment and Grading in the Beginning Band Classroom
Experienced Teachers Use of Time in Choral Rehearsals of Beginning and Advanced          Choirs
Urban Caricatures for String Quartet or Amplified String Quartet
Analytical Model for the Study of Multimedia Compositions
Osvaldo Lacerda
Effect of Individual Music Therapy Sessions on Mood and Motivation for Progress in          Physical and Occupational Therapies Among Adult Rehabilitation Patients
Comparison of Three Selected Music/Reading Activities on Second-Grade Students'          Story Comprehension, on-Task/off-Task Behaviors, and Prefrences for the Three Selected          Activities.
Effect of Patient Preferred Live versus Recorded Music on Non-Responsive Patients          in the Hospice Setting as Evidenced by Physiological and Behavioral States
Analysis of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Vogelweide
He Scars of Yggdrasill
Evidence-Based Research for the Geriatric Population
Life and Music of John Boda with an Emphasis on His Saxophone Works
Effects of Music Therapy and Relaxation Prior to Breastfeeding on the Anxiety of          New Mothers and the Behavior State of Their Infants during Feeding
Louis Moreau Gottschalk, John Sullivan Dwight, and the Development of Musical Culture          in the United States, 1853-1865
Analysis of Gender, Authority and Educational Background of Voice Teachers in          Undergraduate Degree-Granting Institutions
Classical Saxophone Transcriptions
El Gato Montés
Form and Style in the Music of U2
Gene Brooks and His Contributions to the American Choral Directors Association
Educational Values of Popular Musicians
"It's Not My Imagination, I've Got a Gun on My Back!"
Choral Music of James Mulholland
Francis Poulenc and the Franco-American Cultural Alliance
Performer's Guide to Toru Takemitsu's in the Woods
Effect of Performance Medium on the Emotional Response of the Listener as Measured          by the Continuous Response Digital Interface
Effects of Teacher Approval and Disapproval of Music and Performance Familiarity on          Middle School Students' Music Preference
Evolution of Choral Sound of the St. Olaf Choir and the Westminster Choir
Synthesis of Taiwanese and Western Musical Elements
Effect of Music, Gestures, and Music with Gestures on the Sight-Word Recognition of          Students with Dyslexia
Effect of Music Therapy Coursework on Taiwanese College Students' Music Therapy          Knowledge
Musicologist Behind the Composer
Effect of Group Music Therapy Interventions and Individual Music Therapy          Interventions on Changes in Depressive Symptoms in Elderly Persons with Dementia in          Residential Facilities
Oboe Works of Benjamin Britten
Effect of One-to-One Music Therapy on Attitudes, Behaviors, and Body Image          Dissatisfaction for University Students with Body Image Issues
Preliminary Investigation into the Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Induction on          Perceptions of Attention, Aesthetic Response, and Flow during Music Listening
Conductor's Guide to the Wind Music of Joseph Schwantner with a Transcription of the          Composer's "New Morning for the World"
Women in Music
Musical Change and Contunuity of Huayin
Violin Bow Construction and Its Influence on Bowing Technique in the Eighteenth and          Nineteenth Centuries
First Remembrances of Creative Musical Activity
Bakhtin and Genre
Industrial Music for Industrial People
Successful High School Band Programs in Low Socioeconomic Schools and High          Socioeconomic Schools
Review of Eight University Clarinet Studios
Parkinson's Disease
Effects of Patient Preferred Recorded Music versus Nonmusic on the Progress of          Physical Rehabilitation in Sports Medicine