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Examining School Social Workers' Perceptions of Mckinney-Vento Act Implementation
Effect of Thermo-Mechanical Treatment on Texture Evolution of Polycrystalline Alpha Titanium
Social-Emotional Adjustment, Subjective Well-Being, and Emotional Intelligence in Youth
Why Dominant Individuals Cooperate — Fitness Consequences of Cooperative Courtship in a System with Variable Cooperative Display Coalitions
Teacher's Use of Nonfiction Text in Third Grade Classrooms
Bone Reversal Effects of Plant Bioactive Compounds in Postmenopausal Women
Small Discrete Fourier Transforms on Graphics Processors
Star-Spangled Consciousness
Control of Prolactin Secretion by Central Oxytocin in Cervically Stimulated Ovariectomized Rats
Eye and Mind's Eye
comparative study of music libraries and music departments of general libraries in the United States
Understanding Developmental Students' Constructions of Personal Vision and Experiences with Community College
Sex Differences in Early Social Communication Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Variance Reduction Techniques in Pricing Financial Derivatives
Emergency Department Nurses' Lived Experience with Compassion Fatigue
Italian Occupations of Ethiopia and Cephalonia
Effects of Sperm Environment on the Evolution of Gamete Traits in Ciona Robusta
Be a Performance Enhancement Consultant
Contextual Effects and Punishment Decisions
Small Signal Instability Assessment and Mitigation in Power Electronics Based Power Systems
Salivary Proteins Alter Bitter Taste
Citizenship in adult education by character portrayal
Application of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Based Velocity Imaging in Microfluidics
Understanding Microphysics of Snowflakes and Snow Precipitation Process Using Spaceborne Microwave Measurements
Le Nain Brothers' Peasant Family in an Interior
Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Topics in Anterior Pituitary Cell Signaling
Continuity and Change in Islamic Ethnopharmacological Practice
Impact of Airborne Dust on Sea Surface Temperature Retrievals
Dynamic Nature of the Emotion-Cognition Link in Trapshooting Performance
Model Characteristics and Properties of Nanorobots in the Bloodstream
From Coarse to Fine and Weak to Strong
Shaping Christian Identity
Integrated Robust Design Using Computer Experiments and Optimization of a Diesel HPCR Injector
Toward democratic living in the classroom
Influence of Morphological Awareness on College Students' Literacy Skills
Reconciled to Liberty
Effects of Single-Session Music Therapy on Pain, Discomfort, and Anxety in In-Patient Hospice Patients
Influence of Small-Scale Sea Surface Temperature Gradients on Surface Vector Winds and Subsequent Impacts on Oceanic Ekman          Pumping
Hot Hand and Psychological Momentum as Adaptive Beliefs in Sport
Arithmetic in grades one and two
Human relations and principal-staff relationships
Sex Differences in Food Preferences, Eating Frequency, and Dental Attrition of the          Hadza
Morphologic Influence of High Magnetic Fields on the In-Situ MOCVD (Metal Organic          Chemical Vapor Deposition) of Xylene-Ferrocene Nanotubes and Structures
Coding the Subaltern
Impact of Lipopolysaccharide Extraction on Bacterial Transport
Vote Choice and Roll-Call Accuracy
Circulation and Stirring by Ocean Turbulence
Crime, Elites, and Democratic Support in Latin America
Analysis of Optimization Processses for Solid State Fabrication of Olivine Cathode Materials
Dynamic Modeling and Power Modeling Forrobotic Skid-Steered Vehicles