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Gender differences in goal orientation and response styles: how does participation in sports play a role?
Macroevolution of the Wings and Legs in Drosophila
OXTR ligand binding in the whisker pads of a Prader-Willi Syndrome mouse model, Magel2 knock-out
Effects of Neonatal Stress on the Parietal Hippocampal Network
Developmental Regulation of Replication Timing by Master Regulators of Cell Fate
Effect of Oral Contraceptives on Auditory Perception
survey of Greek colonization
The ideology of unemployment : A content analysis
Environmental injustice surrounding incinerator sites in Jacksonville FL
Investigating How Water Type and Temperature Affect Fitness of Freshwater Pulmonate, Physella hendersoni
Understanding the "hard to get" phenomenon
Perception of Low Front Korean Vowels by Korean Speakers
Magnetic Field Angles in Collapsing Molecular Clouds
The necromancer and child of magic: two one-act plays to be performed in the same evening
Exploring race relations and social groups on campus
"In a sleepier century"
Capital Punishment and Political Affiliation
The last fog
author, narrator, hero and the problem of objectivity in contemporary American fiction
The French connection :A subsistence analysis of the Oyster Bay site Canaveral National Seashore, Florida
The prime mover: the nature and origin of business cycles and free banking with competing money supplies
The number of repetitions needed for intrarater reliability of speech stimuli
Determining if Premature Discharge from Basic Military Training is Associated with an  Increased Risk of Depression
Fletcher's Folly? the Cross-Florida Canal from 1908 to 1936
Impossible Waters by Rafael Courtoisie
Melt and solid state misciblility in blends of polyolefins under different mixing conditions
Exploring Masculinity in Fraternity Greek Life
Reduction of purge and re-equilibration times following a gradient reversed-phase liquid chromatography method
Perceptual analysis of voice change associated with surface electrical stimulation in normal speakers
Ontological Argument and an Inquiry into the Possibility of God
More than houses: what is necessary to promote the upward mobility of youth of low-income homeowners in a southern city
critical analysis of the Princeton Review's party school ranking
Relationship Between Accented Speech and Perception of Future Speech and Hearing Professionals
Neuronal Health Following Diet-Induced Obesity at Middle Age in Mice as Determined by Immediate Early Gene Markers
Madison, the advocate
study of heavy fraction flotation samples at two early Copper Age sites.
The effect of cortisol on antisocial behavior: a meta-analysis.
Some problems in the philosophy of mind
The use of extra-retinal information in controlling smooth eye movements
violinist's investigation of Lili Boulanger and Gail Kubik
Disciplining for Quality
The commercialization of outer space : problems confronting business and law on the 'final frontier'
Sexual Slander in the Attic Orators
Peace after patriarchy: comparing issues of women's self-development in Bedrock and Burning Questions.
Novel Modifier of Centrosomin Disrupts Centrosome Assembly through Microtubule Organizing Centers
High school prom as gendered cultural marker: perceptions of daughters and parents.
Functional Assessment: the parent collateral FARS.
Two essays on Samuel Beckett: motif analysis of the "Nothing," the "End," and the "On" and their significance within Beckett's fiction
Humanisms in Kurt Vonnegut