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Neighborhood Structural Disadvantage, Gaining Peer Respect, and Adolescent Male Sexual Activity
Unraveling the Age, Prison Misconduct, and Recidivism Relationship
Adding Community to Care, Custody, and Control
Role of Race and Ethnicity in Determining Solitary Confinement Placements in Juvenile Detention Facilities
If Reason Is Not Sovereign
New Prison Reformers
From Serving One's Country to Serving Time
Every Dream Has Its Price
Depression, Fear, and Hopelessness
Modern Day Racism
Punitive State
Platelet Monoamine Oxidase Activity & Antisocial Behaviors
Integrating Mainstream Criminological Theory into the Biosocial Perspective
Exploring the Simultaneous Influences of Social Threat and Intergroup Contact on Racial Attitudes
Reconsidering the Effect of Informal Labeling on Adolescent Delinquency
Controlling Other People's Children
Public Support of Punitive Social Control Policies
Determinants of Chicago Neighborhood Homicide Trajectories
Assessing the Impact of Prison Industries on Post-Release Employment and Recidivism of Florida Inmates
Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal
Viability of Nevada's Legal Brothels as Models for Regulation and Harm Reduction in Prostitution
Diversity of Diversion Disparity
Exploring the Influence of Life Course Turning Points on Elder Financial Exploitation
Juvenile sexual offenders
Racial and Ethnic Typification of Crime
Florida's Truth in Sentencing Effectiveness on Recidivism Rates
Typologies of Violent Offenders and Their Role in Predicting Recidivism
Family Ties and Incarceration
Punishment and Privatization
Stop, Question, and (Cognitive) Dissonance
Delinquent by the Dozen
Longitudinal, Multi-City Examination of Public Social Control and Neighborhood Crime
Gestapo, Critics, and Social Control Selective Enforcement in the Rhineland, 1933-1944
Influence of Security and Support on Performance, Punishment, and Parental Engagement in Majority White and Majority Minority Schools
Racial Threat, Residential Segregation, "Punishment Power," and Public Policy
Something Changed
Role of Selection Effects in the Drugcrime Relationship
Short-Term Deterrent Effect of Execution on Homicides in the United States, 1979-1998
Sex Crime and Punishment
Reciprocal Irresponsibility and the Holocaust
Race, Ethnicity, Threat, and the Sentencing of Transferred Juveniles in Florida Criminal Courts
Violent Sexual Victimization Effects on Adolescent Friendship Networks
Influence of Antisocial Behavior on the Life Course
Alternative Education and Juvenile Delinquency
Prison Adjustment in Female Inmates with Personality Disorders
Training for Reentry


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