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Solvent diffusion from polymeric spheres in continuous-flow systems
Grouper: A knowledge-based expert system for redistricting
Conditional bootstrap methods for censored data
Differential protein expression during spermatogenesis in the nematode, Ascaris suum
Enhancing retention: A skills training program for drug-dependent therapeutic community clients
A comparison of in vivo exposure and cognitive restructuring in the treatment of a specific kind of social phobia: Psychogenic urinary retention among federally incarcerated prison inmates
The effects of convective and wind-driven mixing on springtime phytoplankton dynamics as simulated by a mixed-layer model
Electrophysiologic responses to word/non-word CVC stimuli
Spectroscopy and electrochemistry of uranium complexes in aluminum chloride-1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride
Complete and incomplete momentum transfer processes in the reaction oxygen + silicon(nat)
Discipline-specific and interdisciplinary competencies for educators of at-risk and handicapped infants and toddlers: Perceptions of educators, parents, and allied professionals
A developmental conferencing model: A case study of the systematic application of coaching and conferencing skills by school principals
From fund-raising to implementation: A case study of rural development participation in Africa by a major American nongovernmental organization
Give my regards to your mother: The social, cultural, and linguistic context of Armando Ramirez's "Tepito" narrative (Mexico)
Development planning: Public functions and private sector participation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
A quasi-experimental study of student use of periodicals for independent research projects in high school libraries
Valentino's Hair. (Original novel)
The effects of textual display and time on the learning of text materials containing adjunct questions
Elite fragmentation and structural change in health care
An investigation of miscomprehension of print advertisement using the signal detection theory
Far Rockaway. (Original novel)
An exploratory study into perceptions of continuing education practices as held by selected allied health practitioners
The study of terrorism in perspective
The Minimum Wage Restoration Act of 1989? Wage-relation, class politics, and the rhetoric of wage minimizers
The rhetoric of gospel song: A content analysis of the lyrics of Andrae Crouch
Using meta-analysis for input evaluation
Using attitude change to measure affective response: An investigation of voluntary turnover behavior
Students' perceptions and attitudes toward parent involvement in academic homework and its relationship to academic achievement
Equity real estate investing by pension funds: A study of return rates and portfolio characteristics of diversified open-end pooled equity real estate funds
Determinants of the value of common stocks in the U.S.: An econometric analysis for the period 1968-1988
Development and testing of a psychometric scale to measure country-of-origin image
Information needs of the rural physician: A descriptive study
Exploring visually handicapped children's understanding of length
Proud Flesh. (Original short stories)
Che Guevara: Existentialist
The new Marxism of Jose Carlos Mariategui
Voting behavior of representatives in the European Parliament
The role of phonological awareness and orthographic knowledge in first-grade reading achievement
Factors associated with the participation of ministers of the Eleventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in continuing education
The effects of organizational control structure and process on organizational performance
A comparison of learning probability by several formulas versus an approach relying upon an understanding of the fundamental concept of probability
The influence of extracurricular involvement on student development among campus leaders at two large southeastern universities
A critical edition of W. B. Yeats's automatic script: 2 January 1919-1929 March 1920
A policy analysis of the impact of SEDNET, Florida's interagency network for severely emotionally disturbed children
An investigation of the possible impact of training and organizational culture on technical employee job performance
Policy analysis under optimal control
The relationship of career indecision, vocational identity and gender to career beliefs
A model for forecasting sectoral energy demand
The relationship between multiple-site enrollment and the educational progress of grade three, four, and five students in a north Florida school district
Assessment of Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) instructors by: Supervisors, instructor self-reviews and students