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The effects of cooperative versus individual computer-based instruction and learning style on concept learning
A study of the usefulness and effectiveness of a self-instructional print module on multicultural behaviour change in apprentices in Manitoba
Constructivist values for instructional design: A case study of a graduate-level learning environment
The attitudes of non-native ESL teachers toward a notational/functional syllabus
Delineating instruction: A collaborative planning approach that brings development and delivery systems together
An analysis of the relationship between teachers' attitudes toward writing and their responses to ESL student texts
Selecting multicultural literature for secondary schools in Trinidad, a pluralistic country
The impact of type of school-based programs on self-efficacy development of teen-aged parents
A descriptive analysis of test scores posted by seven community colleges on the communication subtests of the College-Level Academic Skills Test
A pedagogy for choral conducting based on score miniaturization
Talking about a revolution: The politics and practice of feminist teaching
Cognitive and affective variables involved in recreational computer-generated games
The role of graphic representation and students' images in understanding the derivative in calculus: Critical case studies
The negotiation of social norms in a university mathematics problem-solving class
Personal understandings and mental models of information: A qualitative study of factors associated with the information-seeking and use of adolescents
Semantic construction of relationships in curriculum of algebra II and chemistry
Constructing a portrait of a high school mathematics teacher in Costa Rica
A formative evaluation of mainstreaming at-risk students: A case study
A case study of learning chemistry in a college physical science course developed for prospective elementary teachers
The effects of instructional control, cognitive style, and prior knowledge on learning of selected CBI taught arithmetic skills in a Korean elementary school
Effective community college teaching and the role of instructional systems design skills: A multiple case study
The effects of preinstructional activities in enhancing learner recall and conceptual learning of prose materials for preservice teachers in Zimbabwe
An experienced teacher's model of thinking and teaching: An ethnographic study on teacher cognition
An examination of the effectiveness of the Values Integration Pyramid module among graduate social work students
Chemistry teaching practices and the social construction of teachers' professionalism in Costa Rica
A comparison of expectations and realities of retired military personnel who chose teaching as a second career: An analysis conducted in three Florida counties
An examination of the effects of three types of preinstructional strategies on field-dependent and field-independent college students' academic performance in an introductory biology course
An investigation of the dimensionality of minimum competency exam containing multiple-choice and student-produced-response items
Staff development for ESOL teachers: A Balesian analysis of cooperative learning groups
Restructuring college-level physics for prospective elementary school teachers: A sociocultural analysis of the roles the instructor plays
Use of intrinsic and payoff criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional materials and their impact on instructor-led training
The impact of Greek bilingual programs on the academic performance language preservation and ethnicity of Greek-American students: A case study in Chicago
Applications of neural networks to intelligent tutoring systems
Images of teachers in the instructional systems design literature over time
The relationship among declarative behavior management knowledge, pupil control ideology, and teacher efficacy for middle-grade physical education teachers
A cognitive strategies framework for domain-integrated process-oriented library instruction: The effects on research process orientation, library anxiety, attitudes, and research products of college students
A case study analysis of parents', teachers', and students' perceptions of the meaning of grades: Identification of discrepancies, their consequences, and obstacles to their resolution
The effects of types of instructional control and levels of self-regulatory skills on achievement and retention from a developmental perspective
A study of social interaction processes in mathematical problem-solving partnerships
The motivational effects of norm-referenced, knowledge-of-results, and criterion-referenced feedback
The effects of a teacher-directed method and an individualized learning program in teaching motor skills to college students
A multiple case study of curriculum integration by middle school interdisciplinary teams of teachers
The impact of classroom climate on students' attitudes and behavior toward matters related to population: A case study in public high schools, the province of West Java, Indonesia
Determinants of population knowledge and attitudes of secondary school teachers of population education in the province of Aceh, Indonesia
Perception of population change and the implementation of population education: A case study in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Existing and preferred general education requirements in eight representative degree programs at two Florida universities: A multiple case study
Achieving comprehensive curriculum reform: An analysis of the implementation of a mathematics and science education policy
The effects of self-regulatory skills and type of instructional control on learning from computer-based instruction
A study of achievement, retention, and transfer resulting from teaching absolute value by two definitional approaches
The nature of phonological processing abilities: A study of kindergarten and second-grade children