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Confederates' Grand March
O Give Me a Home by the Sea
Southern Cross
Bonny Eloise, the Belle of Mohawk Vale
We Conquer or Die
Something to Love Me
Christmas and New Year Musical Souvenir
Child of the Regiment
Gen. Persifor F. Smith's March
All Quiet Along the Potomac To-Night
Good Bye at the Door
Breckinridge Schottisch
Sontag Polka
Keep Me Awake, Mother
Signal Corps Schottische
Pearl River Polka
Jeff's Double Quick
Mocking Bird Quickstep
Melt the Bells
Confederate Land, Patriotic Song
Mollie's Dream Waltz
Riding a Raid
Parade Polka March
Our Flag
Stonewall Jackson's Prayer
Martha Quick Step
Rest Darling, Rest!
Polka Mazurka
When the Swallows Homeward Fly
Maiden's Prayer
Rock Me to Sleep Mother
Paul Vane, or Lorena's Reply
Boys, Keep Your Powder Dry
Scenes that are Brightest
Dixie's Land
Bonnie Blue Flag
Faded Flowers
Kathleen, Mavourneen, Ballad
Call me not back from the Echoless Shore
Star of Liberty
Mother would Comfort Me
Mary of Argyle
Who Will Care for Mother Now
Dying Soldier
All Quiet Along the Potomac To-Night
Standard Bearer