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Charting The Future Of Social Psychology On Stormy Seas
Health Care Technology, Health Care Rationing, and Older Americans
High temperature compatible insulation for superconductors and method of applying insulation to superconductors
Fermentation of trichoderma reesei and apparatus therefor
test of the interpersonal theory of suicide in a large sample of current firefighters.
Method of locating a fault in a power distribution system comprising at least one microturbine distributed resource
Successful Transitions to Graduate School
Climate Change Impacts on Insurance in Florida
9-desoxotaxanes and process for the preparation of 9-desoxotaxanes
Search For Pair-produced Resonances Each Decaying Into At Least Four Quarks In Proton-proton Collisions At Root S=13 Tev
Search For Standard Model Production Of Four Top Quarks With Same-sign And Multilepton Final States In Proton-proton Collisions At Root S=13tev
Supramolecular aggregates of single-molecule magnets
Examining The Status Of Supervision Education In Rehabilitation Counsellor Training
Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity
C9 hydrido, hydroxy and acyloxy taxane derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Is hyperactivity ubiquitous in ADHD or dependent on environmental demands? Evidence from meta-analysis.
Transformation of doped graphite into cluster-encapsulated fullerene cages.
Reproducible Social Work Research
Purified linear epitopes from cashew nuts, nucleic acids encoding therefor, and associated methods
Measurement of double-differential cross sections for top quark pair production in pp collisions at [Formula
Characterization of Dengue Virus Infections Among Febrile Children Clinically Diagnosed With a Non-Dengue Illness, Managua, Nicaragua.
Polyolefins having reduced crystallinity
Alignment of carbon nanotubes using magnetic particles
Calibration and Evaluation of Link Congestion Functions
Role-playing in Counselor Student Development
Are Group Visits Effective for the Treatment of Obesity?
Central Analytical Issues in the Generation of Cumulative Sociological Knowledge
RNA helicase Belle/DDX3 regulates transgene expression in Drosophila.
Clinical Fate Of T0n1 Esophageal Cancer
Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity and the Overlap of Comorbidities in HIV plus Hispanics Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy
Comprehensive Review
Search For Narrow Resonances In Dilepton Mass Spectra In Proton-proton Collisions At Root S=13 Tev And Combination With 8 Tev Data