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Dynamics of Implementing Continuing Professional Education Legislation
Adult Self-Ratings of the DSM-IV-TR Symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Decision Space Worksheet, the Career Thoughts Inventory, and the Beck Depression Inventory-II as Measures of Mental Health in the Career Decision-Making          Process
Academic Success Inventory for College Students
Impact of a Work-Related Interpersonal Communication Skills Curriculum on the Work- and Social-Relationships of Ninth-Grades
Graduate Training in the Use of Homework in Psychotherapy
Relationship Between Predisposition to Death and Past Life Regrets with Respect to Death Anxiety Among Male Veterans
Effects of Video Self-Modeling on the Letter-Naming Skills of Preschool Children with Developmental Delays
Association Between Spirituality and the Valence of Attitudes Toward Persons with Disabilities
Exploration of Mindfulness in Its Relation to Career Thoughts, Vocational Identity, and Decision-Making Style
Mobility and Military Children
Effects of Theory-Based Techniques and Media Tools on Information-Seeking Behavior
Application of the Cognitive Information Processing Theory to Decision Processes Involving Cosmetic Surgery
Validation of the Spanish Version of the Gifted Rating Scales
Changes in Affect, Self-Efficacy, Motivation and Performance Among Participants in a Boring and Challenging Task
Analysis of the Academic Success Inventory for College Students
Measuring Readiness For Career-Decision Making with the Career Thoughts Inventory in Finland
impact of a college career course on students' career decision state.