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Operational Oceanography and the Management of Marine Living Resources
Coastal Ocean Forecast System for the U.S. Mid‐Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Maine
Overview of Operational Oceanography
Notions for the Motions of the Oceans
Multi‐Platform Observations and Numerical Simulations to Understand Meso and Submesoscale Processes
Biogeochemical In Situ Observations – Motivation, Status, and New Frontiers
Satellites and Operational Oceanography
Operational Interpolated Ocean Colour Product in the Mediterranean Sea
Surface Heat Fluxes and Wind Remote Sensing
Fine-scale Altimetry and the Future SWOT Mission
Satellite SST and SSS Observations and Their Roles to Constrain Ocean Models
Ocean Circulation Modeling for Operational Oceanography
Primer on Global Internal Tide and Internal Gravity Wave Continuum Modeling in HYCOM and MITgcm
Wind Waves
Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Modelling
Sea Ice Modelling and Forecasting
Data Assimilation in Oceanography
Operational Ocean Data Assimilation
Ocean Reanalyses
Mercator Ocean Global High‐Resolution Monitoring and Forecasting System
Marine Biogeochemical Modelling and Data Assimilation for Operational Forecasting, Reanalysis, and Climate Research
Understanding and Predicting El Niño and the Southern Oscillation
Assessment of High‐Resolution Regional Ocean Prediction Systems Using Multi‐Platform Observations
Learning about Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service “CMEMS”
Operational Oceanography at the Service of the Ports
Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Management of Jellyfish Swarms
Measuring Performances, Skill and Accuracy in Operational Oceanography