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Squaw Kissing War
Pictorial examination of Nicander of Colophon's Greek 10th C AD codex 247 as it was understood within its ancient context
Adaptive population differentiation in wiregrass (Aristida stricta michx.) in North Florida sandhills and flatwoods
Sixth grade students' perceptions of science and scientists following a field-based science investigation
Memorias de mujeres, metamorfosis de los modelos de identidad de las españolas en novelas adaptadas al cine en los 90
Departmental analysis of telephone management
spatial analysis of the Classic Mimbres sites along the Rio Mimbres of Southwestern             New Mexico
Chlorine in the surface waters of West Florida
social psychology of leadership
changes produced in milk by carbon dioxide gas
case study of a Mongolian child
Brightness discrimination of the dark adapted eye and its bearing on color theory
influence of Sir Walter Scott on Washington Irving
personal relations existing between Wordsworth and Coleridge
study of the satire of Swift
Stage edition of Antony and Cleopatra
Introduction to Troilus and Cressida
English cycle of love sonnets
Dramatic art of Benito Pérez Galdós
study of the older romance meters with a possible solution of the "Cid"
Regionalism in some novels of Fernán Caballero, Valera, Palacio Valdés, and Pardo Bazán
Francis Jammes as revealed in his work
Molière and Shakspere
critical study of Le jeu de Saint Nicolas of Jean Bodel
Problems in the teaching of written composition in the high schools of Florida
use of the subjunctive in Juvenal (Thirteen Satires)
Horace, the satirist
Pindar's ethical teaching
study of tests devised to measure art capacities
Measurements in some fundamental capacities as related to scholastic ability and intellectual level
study of some administrative possibilities of the objective-type test
Present practices and trends in vocational guidance in junior and senior high schools
study of the dietary and health habits of the school children of fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades in Leon County
Railroad projects in territorial Florida
New Japan
Marcus Antonius triumvir, 82-42 B.C., according to the sources
History and its cultural value
experimental study of some aspects of the nature of pattern perception and reproduction
Tomatoes and their iron content
Chemical composition and vitamin B content of the Trapp and West Indian seeding avocados, varieties of the West Indian race
Iron in Florida soils
Galls and gall insects
Phenology, origin, and ornamental character of the cultivated trees, shrubs, and vines of Tallahassee
comparison of two types of eighth grade mathematical training
School gardens
History of education in Florida
effect of size, color, and shape on weight discrimination
investigation of the pulp and paper making qualities of chinaberry, Melia Azedarach L., by the sulphite process
Some of the differences between Florida slash and longleaf pine gums