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Examining the Determinants of Charter School Expansion and the Relationship of Charter Schools and District Performance Using Event History Analysis and Cross          Sectional Modeling
How Local Conditions Affect the Existence and Capacity of the Nonprofit Sector
Network Analysis of Workforce Development Programs
Assessing Innovation in American Counties
Policy Networks, Environmental Impacts and Economic Consequences of Clean Energy in the U.S.
Managing Inter-Governmental Relationships
Grounded Analysis of the Sensemaking Process of Korean Street-Level Fire Service Officials
Competing Paradigms for Analyzing Policy Development in Everglades Restoration
Interaction of Politics and Management in Public Leadership
Institutional Choice in Local Economic Development Organizations
Influence of Actor Attributes and Social Relations on Game Transition
Rulemaking as a Form of Bureaucratic Response
Taking Three Small Steps Forward in the Journey of Innovation and Diffusion Study
Study on Charter School Effects on Student Achievement and on Segregation in Florida Public Schools
Leadership and the Politics-Administration Dichotomy
Public Economics, Institutions, and Financial Management of Debt Financing in Local          Governments
Structural Examination of Collaborative Relations Between Nonprofit Organizations in          the Greater Jacksonville Area
Political Economy of Energy Based Green Economic Development
How Does Past Performance Impact Performance and Budget Allocation?
Locus of an Emergent Field
Environmental Local Public Goods
Emotional Labor in Public Service Roles
Three Actors and Three Perspectives in Property Tax Competition of Seoul Metropolitan Area
Generation and the Psychological Contract
Government of Our Own
Decentralized Governments, Networks and Interlocal Cooperation in Public Goods          Supply
Ideology and Social Attitudes
Competing Models of Effectiveness in Research Centers and Institutes in the Florida State University System
Understanding Network Change and Its Impact on Policy Performance
Exploring the Effects of Social Capital on Police Performance in U.S. Cities
Florida's Community Hospitals
Adoption of Policies That Permit Community Colleges to Grant Bachelor Degrees in Florida
Voice Crying in the Wilderness
Evaluating Selected Examples of One State Legislative Chamber's Processes from the Perspective of Learning Organization Theory
Essays on Local Government Organization in the United States, 1940-2000
Organizational Ownership and Service Quality
Competing Values
Sustainability, Smart Growth and the Improvement of Public Health
Assimilation or Transformation?
Enigmatic Consequences of Security and Development Aid
Collaborative Approach to Economic Development of Local Governments and Institutional Collective Action
Effect of Internal Audit on Governance
Social Equity and the One Florida Initiative
Study of Local Government Delegation in Land Use Permitting
Why Do Governments Contract with Other Governments?
Impacts of Medicaid Managed Care and Market Structure on Preventable Hospitalization, Length of Stay, and Cost of Inpatient Care in Florida
Impacts of the Hollow State on Organizational Practices and Individual Attitudes in the Federal Government
Three Essays on Policy Network Ties in the Dynamic Process of Conflict Resolution
Fiscal Strain and Decision Making in Local Government
Reducing the Margin of Error