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Magnetic Field-Dependent Electronic Structures of Low Dimensional Organic Materials
Beta Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰,³¹Al and in-Beam Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰Al
Techniques for Probing the Effects of Three-Dimensional Magneto-Hydrodynamics in Type Ia Supernovae
Experimental Investigation of On-Chip ESR Techniques in Multiple Temperature Regimes
Model Study of the Deconfining Phase Transition
Exploration of the Interaction of Type Ia Supernovae with the Circumstellar Environment
Yukawa Unification in SO(10) Susy Guts
Precise Measurements of the Atomic Masses of ²⁸Si, ³¹P, ³²S, ⁸⁴,⁸⁶Kr, ¹²⁹,¹³²,¹³⁶Xe, and the Dipole Moment of Ph⁺ Using Single-Ion and Two-Ion Penning Trap          Techniques
Direct and Indirect Detection of Neutralino Dark Matter
Determining Spin Polarization of Ferromagnets Using Superconducting Spectroscopy
Surface Modification for Improved Design and Functionality of Nanostructured Materials and Devices
Search for Supersymmetry at CMS in Events with Photons, Jets and Low Missing Transverse Energy
Hadrons with Two Heavy Quarks
Multiband Models for Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials and Diluted Magnetic          Semiconductors
Numerical Studies of Strongly Correlated Electrons in Transition Metal Oxides
Electron Transport in Strongly Correlated Nanostructures
J/Ψ Yield Modification in 200 GeV Per Nucleon Au+Au Collisions with the PHENIX Experiment at RHIC
Emergent Transport Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Conductors, Superconductors and Correlated Electron Materials
Emergence of Collective Phenomena in Systems with Random Interactions
Γ-Ray Spectroscopic Study of Calcium-48,49 and Scandium-50 Focusing on Low Lying Octupole Vibration Excitations
Physical Properties of Novel Magnetic Heterostructures
Study of the Single Neutron Knockout Reaction from Si-26 and S-30
Dynamics of DNA Electrophoresis in Lyotropic Polymer Liquid Crystals
Study of 3Π Production in ΓP → NΠ+Π+Π− and ΓP → Δ++Π+Π−Π− with CLAS at Jefferson Lab
Measurement of the Polarization Observables I[superscript s] and I[superscript c] for rγ p → pπ⁺ π⁻ Using the CLAS Spectrometer
Photoproduction of ω Mesons and π⁰ω Meson Pairs off the Free Proton
Next-to-Leading-Order Corrections to Weak Boson Production with a Massive Quark Jet Pair at Hadron Colliders
Search for Large Extra Dimensions in the Exclusive Photon + Missing Energy Channel in pp Collisions
Alkaline Earth Metal Fluxes for the Growth of Single Crystal Oxides
Thermodynamics of the Magnetic-Field-Induced "Normal" State in an Underdoped High T[subscript c] Superconductor
Cold Nuclear Matter Effects on J/ψ → e+e̅ and ψ́ → e+e̅ Production in d + Au Collisions at 200 GeV
Role of Defects in Possible Superfluidity of Spatially Ordered Helium
Development and Characterization of a Novel Continuously Flowing Liquid Film Plasma Reactor for Chemical                 Synthesis
SO(10) Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories
Clustering in ¹⁸O and ANC Measurements Using (⁶Li,D) Reactions
Studies of Novel Magnetic Materials and Interfaces via Electronic Transport and          Superconducting Spectroscopy
Changing Geomagnetic Field from the Ionosphere to the Core-Mantle Boundary
Optical Spectroscopy of Magnetoelectric and Frustrated Spin-Dimer Systems
EPR Study of Molecular Qubits Based on Lanthanide Nanomagnets
Non-Abelian Quantum Error Correction
Renormalization Group Study on Coupled Random Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Chains
Ultrafast Dynamics in Laser-Induced Warm Dense Matter and Quantum Dots
Microwave Spectroscopy of Edge and Bulk Modes of Two Dimensional Electron Systems in Magnetic Field
Study of Useful Inflatables
Polyacrylamide Gels Synthesized in the Presence of Surfactants
Scale Setting and Topological Observables in Pure SU(2) LGT
Precision Measurement of the W → ΜΝ Charge Asymmetry at a Center of Mass Energy of 1.96 TeV Using the Dø Detector
Structural Stability and Emergent Phases in Oxygen Deficient Complex Transition Metal Oxides
Anomalous Metallic Behavior in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems with Disorder
Dielectric and Conducting Properties of the Spinel Structures FeV₂O₂, MnV₂O₂ and CoV₂O₂ in High Magnetic Field and under Very          High Pressure