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Distance spaces
Variance Reduction Techniques in Pricing Financial Derivatives
Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Topics in Anterior Pituitary Cell Signaling
Surface Subgroups of 3-Manifold Groups
Rank-Constrained Optimization
Computational Study of Ion Conductance in the KcsA K⁺ Channel Using a Nernst-Planck Model with Explicit Resident Ions
Comparison Study of Principal Component Analysis and Nonlinear Principal Component          Analysis
Option Pricing with Selfsimilar Additive Processes
Effect of Stratification and Background Flow on the Frequency of Rossby Basin Modes in Presence of Bottom Topography
Mathematical Modeling of Biofilms with Applications
Slow Variable Dominance in Pancreatic β-Cell Models
Gulf Stream Separation Dynamics
Asset Market Dynamics of Heterogeneous Agent Models with Learning
Effective Methods in Intersection Theory and Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
Analysis of Functions of Split-Complex, Multicomplex, and Split-Quaternionic Variables and Their Associated Conformal Geometries
Uncertainty Quantification and Data Fusion Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory
exploratory study of the effectiveness of computer graphic and simulations in a computer-student interactive environment in illustrating random sampling and the central limit theorem
Partial Differential Equation Methods to Price Options in the Energy Market
Mathematical Model of Cerebral Cortical Folding Development Based on a Biomechanical Hypothesis
On Picard 2-Stacks and Length 3 Complexes of Abelian Sheaves
Game-Theoretic Models of Animal Behavior Observed in Some Recent Experiments
Variance Gamma Pricing of American Futures Options
Asymptotically Preserving Method for Multiphase Flow
Non-Intrusive Methods for Probablistic Uncertainty Quantification and Global Sensitivity Analysis in Nonlinea Stochastic Phenomena
Modeling Credit Risk in the Default Threshold Framework
Belief Function Theory
Modeling Order Book Dynamics Using Queues and Point Processes
Heuristic Method for a Rostering Problem with the Objective of Equal Accumulated          Flying Time
Interactions between spatial and verbal abilities and two methods of presenting modulus seven arithmetic
Adaptive Spectral Element Methods to Price American Options
Statistical Analysis on Object Spaces with Applications
Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Approximations for the Reflection and Transmission of Waves from Moving Material Interfaces
Keeping Pace with the Times
Quasi-Monte Carlo and Genetic Algorithms with Applications to Endogenous Mortgage Rate          Computation
Periodic Pieces of Pseudo-Anosov Flows in Graph Manifolds
Closed Form Solutions of Linear Difference Equations
Using history in the teaching of mathematics
Regulation of Rhythmic Prolactin Secretion
comparison of verbal and nonverbal instruction in elementary school mathematics
Asymptotic Behaviour of Convection in Porous Media
From Songs to Synapses, Ion Channels and Mathematical Modeling
Diffuse Interface Method for Two-Phase Incompressible Flows
Spectral Methods for Morphometry
Overcoming Geometric Limitations in the Finite Element Method by Means of Polynomial Extension
Optimal Portfolio Execution under Time-Varying Liquidity Constraints
Steady Dynamics in Shearing Flows of Nematic Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Analysis of Orientational Restraints in Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with          Applications to Protein Structure Determination
On the Geometry of Hurwitz Surfaces
Using Number Talks with Supports to Increase the Early Number Sense Skills of Preschool Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Using RBF-Generated Quadrature Rules to Solve Nonlocal Continuum Models