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Impact of Lipopolysaccharide Extraction on Bacterial Transport
Risk and Liability Analysis Modeling for Hurricane Damage on Florida Bridges
Large Wind Missile Impact Performance of Public and Commercial Building Assemblies
Dynamic Response of Highway Bridges Subjected to Heavy Vehicles
Static Structural Implications of Bridge Pile Bents by Vessel Impact under Scoured Conditions
Ground Tire Rubber as a Component Material in Concrete Mixtures for Paving Concrete
Performance of Post-Tensioned Concrete Anchorage Zones with Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Developing Design and Evaluation Criteria for Transit Station with the Focus on Intermodal Connectivity          Developing Design and Evaluation Criteriafor Transit Station 
Mitigation of Landfill Methane Emissions from Passive Vents by Use of Oxidizing Biofilters
Sequential O3 Anaerobic Activated Sludge Treatment of Municipal Landfill Leachate
Engineering Considerations for Privatizing Water and Wastewater Utility Systems
Stochastic Preservation Model for Transportation Infrastructure
Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Transport in Agricultural Soils
Development of the Gas Push Pull Test for Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation
Applicability of Using Soil Concentrations to Predict Groundwater Concentrations during Assessments at Petroleum Contaminated Sites in Florida
Efficacy of Aeration and GAC Filtration at Reducing Microtoxicity of Water
Assessement of on-Site Renewable Energy Source Consideration with Original Building Construction Procurement Efforts
Effect of High Groundwater Level on Pavement Subgrade Performance
Analysis and Predictions of Extreme Coastal Water Levels
Mitigation of Vortex-Induced Vibrations in Cables Using Macro-Fiber Composites
Risk Assessment of Florida's Coastal Bridges Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Storm Surge Wave Forces
Power Generation and Nitrogen Removal of Landfill Leachate Using Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
Correlation of Water Quality Indicators for Coastal Marshes
Risk and Vulnerability Analysis of Civil Infrastructure
Developing Crash Modification Factors for Urban Highway with Substandard Wide Curb Lane
Comparison of Fatal Traffic Crashes in Southern and Northern Regions of the State of Florida a Study of Fatal Traffic Crashes in Florida from 1998-2000
Impact of Water Chemistry (pH and Inoic Strength) on Colloid Transport Through Porous Medium
Bulb-T Girder Bridge Barrier Effect on Live Load Distribution
Aerated Recirculation and Pressurized Suspended Fiber Biofiltration for the Treatment of Landfill                 Leachate
Bio-Reactive Landfill Covers
Evaluation of Geometric and Traffic Characteristics Affecting the Safety of Six-Lane Divided Roadways
Ant Colony Optimization and Bayesian Analysis for Long-Term Groundwater          Monitoring
Integrated Approach to Transportation Infrastructure Management
Transverse Analysis and Field Measurements of Segmental Box Girder Bridges
Dynamic Interaction Between Heavy Vehicles and Highway Bridges
Performance of AASHTO Girder Bridges under Blast Loading
Analytical Modeling of Fiber Reinforced Post-Tensioned Concrete Anchorage Zones
Behavior of Plywood and Fiberglass Steel Composite Tube Structures Subjected to Impact Loading
Production and Modification of Biochar for Organics Removal and Soil Amendment
Modeling Highway Crashes Using Bayesian Belief Networks Technique and GIS
Use of O₃ Advanced Oxidation Processes for Landfill Leachate Pretreatment
Design of Cost Effective Lysimeter for Field Evaluation of Alternative Landfill Cover          Projects Using HYDRYS 2D Simulation
Safety Analysis of Transit Bus Operators
Fatigue Evaluation of Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) T-Beam Bridge Girders
Parametric Optimization of Steel Floor System Cost Using Evolver
Connectionist Approach to Developing Highway Vehicles Classification for Use in Florida
Relationships of Geomorphic Conditions and Woody Materials in Coastal Plain Streams
Feasibility Study, Primary Designs and Development of Alternative Evapotranspiration Covers for Landfills and Waste Dump Sites          in Tropical Locations
Determination of Optimum Lengths of Active and Inactive Elements of a Segmented Sensor for Discriminating Among Single, Super Single, and Dual Tires
Physicochemical and Hydrodynamics Aspects of Electrokinetics in Soil Remediation