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Automated Face Tracking and Recognition
Small Discrete Fourier Transforms on Graphics Processors
Optimizing MPI Point-to-Point Communication Performance on RDMA-Enabled SMP-CMP Clusters
Deconstruction and Analysis of Email Messages
Hybrid Keyword Search Across Peer-to-Peer Federated Data
Tagless Access Buffer
Understanding the Determining Factors and Their Cooperative Effects on Protein Folding
Performance Gains Through Sensory Systems
Design of a Low‐Cost Adaptive Question Answering System for Closed Domain Factoid Queries
There & Never Back Again
Representation of Association Semantics with Annotations in a Biodiversity          Informatics System
System Architecture That Facilitates Collaboration via Handheld Devices (PDAS)
Algorithms for Solving Near Point Problems
Parallelization of Carbon Nanotube Based Composites
Automatic Detection and Correction of Errors in Video Tutorial Transcripts
Platforms for Hpjava
College of Arts and Sciences Application of Sampling-Based Model Predictive Control to Motion Planning for Robotic          Manipulators
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Efficient Software Partial Packet Recovery System in 802.11 Wireless LANs
Multiagent Dynamic Reasoning About Belief and Trust
Feistel-Inspired Scrambling Improves the Quality of Linear Congruential Generators
Reflective, 3-Dimensional Behavior Tree Approach to Vehicle Autonomy
Study on Semantic Relation Representations in Neural Word Embeddings
Reducing the Cost of Comparisons within Conditional Transfers of Control
Metrics and Techniques to Guide Software Development
Contributions to Problems in Topology Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Improving Processor Efficiency Through Enhanced Instruction Fetch
Reducing Power Involved in Pipeline Scheduling Through the Use of an Incremental Hybrid Scheduler
Presentation and Low-Level Energy Usage Analysis of Two Low-Power Architectural Techniques
Building Trusted Computer Systems via Unified Software Integrity Protection
Evaluating Urban Deployment Scenarios for Vehicular Wireless Networks
Fire Ant
Enhanced Security for Mobile Agent Systems
Android Benchmarking for Architectural Research
Preventing Cyber-Induced Irreversible Physical Damage to Cyber-Physical Systems
Motion Planning Testing Environment for Robotic Skid-Steered Vehicles
Effective and Efficient Approach for Clusterability Evaluation
Authority Distribution in a Proxy-Based Massively Multiplayer Game Architecture
Sparse Representations for Recognition
Throttling On-Disk Schedulers to Meet Soft-Real-Time Requirements
Can Playing a Video Game Foster Computational Thinking Skills?
Content Markup Language Design Principles
TuLiP, a Teacher's Tool for Lesson Planning
Three-Dimensional Scene Estimation from Monocular Videos with Applications in Video Analysis
Group Key Generation in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Using a Subgroup Method
Descriptive Post Titles as Advance Organizer
Parallel Similarity Join