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Teacher's Use of Nonfiction Text in Third Grade Classrooms
Influence of Morphological Awareness on College Students' Literacy Skills
Speechreading's Benefit to the Recognition of Sentences as a Function of Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Social Communication Profiles of Toddlers with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder from Three Racial/Ethnic Groups
Effects of an Emergent Literacy Intervention for Children with Language Impairments          from Low Income Environments
Role of Moral Disengagement in the Judgment of Characters and the Enjoyment of Violent Film
Health Communication Campaigns
Information-Seeking Among Pregnant Women
Changing the Culture of Silence
Facilitating Vocabulary Acquisition of Young English Language Learners
Moral Schemas in Crime Dramas
Unpacking Social Bias
Effects of Cognitive Load on Gait in Older Adults
Marking Developmental Changes in Spelling Ability and Their Relation to Reading in First Grade Children
Why We Still Fight
Peer-Mediated Intervention and Technology
Exploring Client-Directed Outcome Therapy with an Adolescent Who Stutters
Non-Mainstream American English and First Grade Children's Language and Reading Skills Growth
Hollywood Counterterrorism
Internet Policy and Use
Ambassador and the Adulterer
Does Being "Leftover" Matter?
Influence of Stimulus Modality and Interstimulus Interval in Computerized Measures of Verbal Working Memory Performance in Parkinson's Disease
Group Decision-Making Communication Effectiveness (GDMCE) Scale
Using Social Stories to Improve Socially Appropriate Behaviors in Children with          Autism
Effects of Auditory Distraction on the Early Lexical-Semantic Retrieval Skills of Young Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners
Message Framing and Protection Motivation Theory as Predictors of Breastfeeding Intentions
Textual Analysis of the Human Flesh Search Engine
Changing Worship Experience
Collaborative Service Delivery
Rage Against the Machine
Portrait of the Activist as a Yes Man
Circumscribing the Public Interest in the VOIP Policy Debate
Corporate Public Relations Practitioners' Perceptions of Program Evaluation and Encroachment Effect
Communication, Demographic, Social and Behavioral Factors Predicting Smokeless Tobacco Use Among Florida Adolescents
Assessing the Impact of Website Domain on End-User Evaluations of Web Page Aesthetics          Using an Immediate Aesthetic Perception Technique
Information Exchanged in Mentoring Between Faculty Advisors and Their Doctoral Students
Investigating the Characteristics of Measures Used for Tracking and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Anti-Tobacco Communication Campaigns
Examining the Contributions of Syntactic Awareness and Syntactic Knowledge to Reading Comprehension
Perceptions Regarding Bilingualism and Telepractice of Families of Spanish-English Dual Language Learners
Gender Identity and Engagement in Health Behaviors
Reactance and the Hostile Media Effect
Media Exposure, Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating
Domesticating Chien-Ming Wang
Role of Mass Media Related Risk Factors in Predicting Sexually Risky Intentions and Behaviors Among Adolescents
Influence of Safe Sex Messages in Entertainment on Norm Accessibility and Related Normative Predictors of Behavior
Pitying Witnesses
Finding an "Equal" Place
Baseline Examination of Political Bloggers
Effects of Discriminate Message Interventions on Behavioral Intentions to Eat Healthy Foods and Engage in Physical Activities