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Using the availbility to improve expectancies regarding interracial interactions.
association between adolescent conduct problems and bulimic tendencies.
Predictors of parental physical abuse: the contribution of psychopathology and childhood experiences of abuse.
Methods of modifying smoking behavior: a pilot study.
The effect of cortisol on antisocial behavior: a meta-analysis.
Emotional word recognition and female psychopathy.
Examination of relationships between incompleteness and perfectionism
The presence and potential functions of nonlinear phenomena in cetacean vocalizations.
Influence of reproductive senescence on endometriosis-induced vaginal hyperalgesia in the rat.
Metamemory: exploring the underconfidence-with-practice effect in judgments of learning.
Effect of Cognitive Load on Distraction During Visual Search
Role of metabotropic glutamate receptors in male rat sexual behavior.
Coping with Rejection
Predicting Fruit and Vegetable Intake with the Theory of Planned Behavior
Do Individual Differences in Eye Movement Scanning Predict Simulator Sickness?
Menu-selection of stimuli to reinforce engagement with elementary aged students
The relationship between oral comprehension and reading fluency as it relates to reading comprehension.
The quest for mood-dependent memory continues: mood congruence facilitates recall of autobiographical memories.
Effects of Disgust on Relational Memory
CB1 gene expression in the Ipc nucleus of the developing chick.
Knowledge of Increased Risks Involved in Delaying Childbearing
Forward And Backward Chaining In Preschool Children
The effects of graphic feedback, goal setting, and positive reinforcement on customer service behaviors.
Borderline Symptoms and Attention to Emotional Stimuli
Effect of Pluralistic Ignorance on Women's Interest in STEM Fields
Is the lexical boost in syntactic priming a function of an explicit memory effect?
The effects of worksheet design on student performance.
Cognitive schemas in relation to personality traits.
Association Between Depression and Family, Romantic, and Peer Support in          Adults
Medication Adherence In Patients With Epilepsy
Gender stereotypes in spoken word recognition.
Investigating placement procedures for a supplemental reading instruction program.
Correlates of schizophrenia spectrum personality disorder in young adults.
Methlyphenidate treatment during pre- and early adolecence and its alteration it has to the sensitivity of nicotince.
Acute Effects of Ketamine on Social Interaction after Chronic Defeat
Ego Depletion and Changes in the Premenstrual Phase
Sexuality and Suicidality
Attributions and gender differences in post-breakup adjustment
Social Nesting
Neonatal amphetamine exposure alters behaviors of the adult prairie vole.
Driving Donating Behavior
Fundamental social motives and risk-taking tendencies.
Speech perception and reading disabilities: a meta-analysis.
Effect of Shyness and Geographical Distance from Home on Loneliness in College Freshmen
Biopsychosocial Prenatal Predictors of Postpartum Depression
Relationships, Gender, and Suicide Risk
Behavioral Reactivity to Social Defeat Stress after Nicotine Exposure during          Adolescence in C57/BL6 Male Mice
Resilency among Third Graders and their Classmates and Associations with Reading Skill          Gains
Influence of Age and Depression on Episodic Memory Functioning in Adulthood
Memory and choice.