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Why Did the Tabby Cross the Road?
Explosive cyclongenesis: some results from a linear, moist baroclinic model.
Microfinance and women's empowerment: interviews from Kosovo
Influence of estrogen on the micturition threshold of the rat
Guilt and compulsive washing: an experimental test of interrelationships
Humility and social behaviors: using humility as a tool to increase prosocial behavior
Dispositional meets situational: the impact of gender role violation on anti-gay aggression
Analysis of carbohydrates in dissolved organic matter in peat porewaters by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
survey of Greek colonization
Environmental injustice surrounding incinerator sites in Jacksonville FL
Capital Punishment and Political Affiliation
The last fog
The prime mover: the nature and origin of business cycles and free banking with competing money supplies
The number of repetitions needed for intrarater reliability of speech stimuli