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Microfinance and women's empowerment: interviews from Kosovo
Guilt and compulsive washing: an experimental test of interrelationships
Humility and social behaviors: using humility as a tool to increase prosocial behavior
Dispositional meets situational: the impact of gender role violation on anti-gay aggression
Analysis of carbohydrates in dissolved organic matter in peat porewaters by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Environmental injustice surrounding incinerator sites in Jacksonville FL
The prime mover: the nature and origin of business cycles and free banking with competing money supplies
The number of repetitions needed for intrarater reliability of speech stimuli
Perceptual analysis of voice change associated with surface electrical stimulation in normal speakers
Humanisms in Kurt Vonnegut
The effects of a sub-maximal warm-up on endurance performance in trained male runners during a 30-minute time trial
The molecular evolution of parvalbumin in elasmobranchs: determining the exon-intron structure
German-Polish relations leading up to the Czechoslovakian crisis of 1938
Glucose and diet-induced obesity modulation of ion channel biophysics
Porphyry as neoplatonic exegete: a contextual evaluation of "On the Cave of Nymphs"
The relationship between anxiety sensitivity and sleep problems
Semantic fast mapping in kindergarteners after minimal exposure to written non-words
Audience costs, autocratic regimes, and militarized conflict
Love is a battlefield: the marriages of Confederate soldiers and their wives in Florida during the Civil War
Levels of narcissism and self-reported expression of anger
unspeakable visions of the individual: the beat generation and the affirmative apocalypse
Discovering roots running under ground: reading Emerson from a Cixousian perspective
Racial disparities within a mental health court
Synthesis and characterization of the self-assembling Alzheimer's [beta]-amyloid protein
Disarming Athena: militarism from Homeric epics to Callimachus
Effects of adult treatment with nicotine and the antidepressant fluoxetine on male rats exposed to nicotine during adolescense
comparison of Atlantic hurricane climatology between the best-track and reconnaissance datasets
Nickel induced rhabdomyosarcoma in cultured cardiac myocytes
look at form and pitch content in Toru Takemitsu's "Equinox"
The Russian bell: did the Soviets alter the zvon?
Davies, Fielding, and Dickens: the middle temple, literature, and the legal profession
Effects of implicit theories on task decisions
The impact of gender on a mental health court
multi-harmonic buncher for the FSU LINAC
MR analysis of structural contrast in a mouse model of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a function of magnetic field
Maintenance rules in friends with benefits relationships
Role of dietary zinc deficiency in adult neuronal stem cell proliferation in the olfactory bulb
General stressors and compulsive hoarding: the role of social anxiety symptoms
Encoding beauty: ovulating women encode the attractiveness of male and female social targets
Finding virtue in the feminine: Plutarch's precepts for women
Voice effects of initial oral contraception use
Does free will affect workplace performance?
Hunter S. Thompson: a popular culture icon
Feasibility of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from rice fields
Enzymatic hydrolysis of pulp dissolved in n-methyl morpholine n-oxide and ionic liquids: a comparative study
Climatology of Dvorak classifications for operational probabilistic genesis forecasts
Crimes against humanity in Chile: a test of "towards a criminology of crimes against humanity"
Cultivating cooperation: manipulating institutional design features to maximize regulatory efficiency
Design of a bio-inspired, dynamic tree climbing robot
Talking trash: the influence of gender and social class on recycling