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Charles IV
Ontological Argument and an Inquiry into the Possibility of God
Power of Memory and Manipulation in Anglo-Norman England
Faux Finishes
In the Footsteps of Clara Schumann
Agency, Gender, and the Law in Slave Narratives
Sorting out the callaloo: the effect of East Indian identureship on race relations in the former British Caribbean.
Debating and Defining
"But where is his voice?
Along freedom’s road: Ruth Willis Perry and the discourse of civil rights
The Russian bell: did the Soviets alter the zvon?
Local Diets, Global Foods
Seeing Red in Double Vision
"Trafalgar Square Conservation Area"
Female Aristeiai and Women in Masculine Roles in Epic Literature
Cool but Correct
Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire: external hindrances to economic development from colonization to structural adjustment.
Exploitation of Labor in College Football
Landscape and Identity in the Work of Albert Huie, Edna Manley and Osmond Watson
Sovereignty, Religion, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs ) in Sudan, with a focus          on the Nuba Mountains
Importance of Geographical Background of Supreme Court Appointments in the Period of 1830-1920
Performativity of the Creation of Visual Art
Rugs and Silver, Artists and Craftsmen
Oxford Romance
The Polish government and ethnic minorities: the effects of nationalism during the inter-war period.
Asserting indigenous nationalism: Bolivia and the struggle for self-determination.
Irreconcilable Worlds
Historical Writing in the Hijazī Nahda
The role of non-professional soccer clubs and leagues on Latin American immigrants in the United States.
Rescue the perishing: reform activity of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and an examination of the Magdalene Union of North Tampa, Florida, 1905-1922.
How the Culture of Eastern Europe Affected the Rise and Development of          communism
Transcription and Preliminary Analysis of the Latin Text of Book Six of Josephus'          Jewish War in St. Gallen Latin Ms 627
From Rubrication to Typography
tale of two cities: an analysis of factors for Genoese and Venetian expansion during the crusading era, as seen in their naval technology and tradition.
Humanizing the Enemy
Study of Verism in Imperial Portraiture
Cross-Cultural Look at a Meaningful Life and a Happy Life
The decline of African-American participation in Major League Baseball.
Symbiosis: the relationship that led to Euthanasia Aktion T4 and medical experimentation on human subjects.
Rhetoric of Acts
Nietzsche's Transgression
Staging Ireland
Blake's and Shelley's Reader Responses to Milton's Satan in <em>Paradise          Lost</em>
Changing Promised Land
Colonial Autonomy
Heretical Visual Journey into the Apocrypha
Nation Apart
Bolshevik Party on Women's Rights and Equality 1917-1920
The Judenrate: Jewish councils in the ghettos during the Holocaust.