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Race and space: decolonizing space in America and the works of Toni Morrison.
Double-consciousness and the African-American woman
Reincarnation: Muromachi to now
Misfortune and God's plan.
I was a stranger: a collection of short stories.
Out of the mouths of babes.
Poems about Keats: an annotated bibliography.
The limit of political allegory in genre: zombie films.
The oblique cyclops.
Combating hegemonic cinematic meaning making: the use of new film techniques and alternative genre conventions in the films of Chantal Akerman and Sally Potter
Trials & tribulation: stories on thematic quotes.
exploration of female superheroes in television
Night swimming.
art of ambiguity: identity, technology, and sexuality in the works of David Cronenberg.
Deep in the safe house: poems.
Magical realism as an agent of female empowerment in Like Water for Chocolate and The House of the Spirits.
Percussion of you.
Belly laughing at rattlesnakes.
Ghosts of people I've never met and other stories.
The lion's tooth.