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The varnished conk and the forked fungus beetle: predation vs. mutualism in the relationship between Ganoderma lucidum and Bolitotherus cornutus.
Structural Characterization of AfXPB Bound to G-Quadruplex DNA
Evolution of Ceratopsian Dental Microstructure
Exploring the Function of 14-3-3 Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disease
The molecular evolution of parvalbumin in elasmobranchs: determining the exon-intron structure
Rescue of a Chlamdydomonas Reinhardtii Mutant
Zymosan Fungal Infection Induces Nucleosome Redistributions During the Innate Immune          Response
Cost of Safety
Archaeal Paradigms
Construction and Implementation of a Bench-Top Aquaponic System as a Context for Teaching Science in Secondary Schools
Examining the Role of EcR Isoforms in the Regulation of Cut at the Dorsal-Ventral Boundary of the Drosophila Imaginal Wing             Disc
Identification and Characterization of Mutants That Affect Stem Cell Renewal in the          Arabidopsis Root
Isolating and Crystallizing the Permuted HD Domain of CRISPR
Feeding Ecology of Two Species of Holopelagic Munnopsid Isopods from the North          Pacific (Acanthamunnopsis milleri and Munneurycope murrayi) Using SEM Analysis
Protecting Against Rod Degeneration In A Model Of Retinitis Pigmentosa
Chromatin Structural Changes in the Innate Immune Response
Characterization of Autophagy within the Circadian Framework
Mutational Analysis Reveals The Mechanism Of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer In          Sulfite Reductase Hemoprotein
Automated Analysis of Protein Side Chain Spectra
The linking of coral disturbance, specifically the formation of "chimneys" on Acropora palmata, to the threespot damselfish Stegastes planifrons
Determining cis-acting elements necessary for regulation of replication timing
Binding interactions between intron RNA and the spliceosomal proteins SF3b155 and p14
Comparison of Past and Present Pseudacris feriarum and Pseudacris nigrita          Populations
Role of Insulin/Insulin-like Signaling Pathway in Regulating Female Drosophila          Melanogaster Remating Behaviors
Molecular Phylogeny of the Mudskippers (Oxudercinae) and Related Gobies (Perciformes
Ecology of an Invasive Lupine
Trophic ecology of Ariid catfishes in the Gulf of Mexico
Serotonin Manipulation Affects Behaviors in Male Prairie Voles
Investigating the role of the e(y)1 gene in the Notch signaling pathway
Effects of Testosterone on zif268 Expression and Its Potential Role in Learning and          Memory
Identification of residues in budding yeast RAD53 kinase that are crucial for regulating histone protein level S
Chromatin Structural Changes Linking Flavonoid Luteolin's Function to Genomic          Targets
Hallmark Pathology of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Characterization of Maize Transgene-Reactivated Mutants
Patterns of genetic variation and covariation in Viola septemloba.
Analysis of Chromatin Structure Indicates a Role for Fluoxetine in Altering Nucleosome          Distribution
Tumorigenesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Neurobiology of Social Defeat and Social Buffering in the Female Prairie          Vole
Oviposition site preference and reproductive seasonality in Nerita scabricosta
Effects of Multiple Drivers of Global Change on Caterpillar Abundances
Chromatin Structural Changes Linking Retinoic Acid Function to Genomic Targets
Seasonal Natural History of Pheidole morrisi Forel
Amygdala Mechanisms Involved in Chemosensory Communication
Analysis of the length control mechanism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Effect of Physical and Emotional Stress on Nicotine Consumption in Male          Mice
Characterization of the Conformational Changes of Sar1 upon Activation
Retinal gene profile.
Quantifying locomotor activity by computer video analysis.
D-Lysine DNA Photocleavage