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Dance at Tully Gym. 1956
Dance at Tully Gym. Early 1960s
Front of Tully Gymnasium. 1956
Dr. Housewright Wiley
Thomas Wright and Phyllis Rappeport
Performing on the piano
David Ward-Steinman
Professors of the School of Music
Organ recital
Assistant Professor Carlisle S. Floyd
Ramona C. Beard
Professors of the School of Music
Ernst von Dohnányi and Edward Kilenyi
Staff room at the School of Music
Three professors at a piano
The Collegians
Gridley piano scholarships
Celebrating a birthday
Music library
Professors at piano
La Boheme being performed
A musical fairytale
Mixed chorus
Holding up a performer
Holding performer up at the Quincy Tobacco Festival
Leaping off the trapeze
Waiting at the trapeze
Balancing on the feet of a performer
Raising the trapeze bar
Wrapped around the corde lisse
Flipping on the bar at the Quincy Tobacco Festival
Contortionists on the trapeze
Holding performer on the trapeze
Performance at Quincy Tobacco Festival
Clowns holding a dummy
Performing on the trapeze at the Quincy Tobacco Festival
Clown helping performer
Balancing on the trapeze bar
Double swinging trapeze
Taking photographs
Preparing for the leap
Hanging onto the moon
Two clowns chat with a performer
Rope swinging act
Clowns holding a parasol
Around the clown car
Two clowns with a baby
Hanging by a mouth piece
Clowns chat with performer