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Holding performer up at the Quincy Tobacco Festival
Leaping off the trapeze
Waiting at the trapeze
Balancing on the feet of a performer
Wrapped around the corde lisse
Contortionists on the trapeze
Double swinging trapeze
Taking photographs
Preparing for the leap
Hanging onto the moon
Two clowns chat with a performer
Rope swinging act
Clowns holding a parasol
Around the clown car
Two clowns with a baby
Hanging by a mouth piece
Clowns chat with performer
Clown holds a parasol and chats with performer
Kneeling on the tightrope
Acrobatic tricks on a bicycle
Laying on the tightrope
Lining up
Waiting to perform on the trapeze
Rope swinging performance
Rope swinging on the trapeze
Performers in animal costumes
Clown leaping over the tightrope
Preparing for a show
Clown falls out of the car
Kneeling on the tightrope
Performers in animal costume
Performers practicing on trapeze ropes
Watching trapeze practice
Performing on the trapeze
Students mirror each other
Practice before the show
Watching practice before the show
Performers on the trapeze
Practice from a distance
Trapeze practice
Clown talks to tightrope walker
Suspended by a mouth piece
Performing a trapeze act
Instructor helping performer lay on the tightrope
Aerialists swinging on the trapeze
Laying on the tightrope
Swinging on the trapeze
Aerialist on the trapeze
Catching on the trapeze
Leaping on the trapeze