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Children play with a clown
In front of the bicycle act
Bicycle performance
The Aerial Anchor
The Aerial Anchor
The Sky High Girls
Giant Whirl act
Below the Giant Whirl act
Comedy Lamp
Comedy Lamp routine
Clown magicians
Dancing with a clown
Looking at a film camera
Waiting in costume
Performers waiting for their entrance
Preparing costumes
Crouching in front of the tent
Revolving Ladders
Revolving Ladders
Hand balancing extraordinaire
Hand balancing extraordinaire
Class Instruction
Practicing the Three Girl Hang
Teeter Board
Teeter Board flip
Flying  DeComos performing a one and one half gainer
Flying  DeComos completing a one and one half gainer
Two lane break-away
Two Lane Break-Away
Preparation for the two lane break-away
Sitting on trapeze ropes
The Rola-Rola
The Rola-Rola
The Rola-Rola
Practicing form
Adagio Team at practice
Adagio Team performers at practice
Imperial Four Quartet Adagio
Imperial Four Quartet Adagio performance
Clowns apply makeup
Clowns putting on makeup
Acrobatic contortionist
Acrobatic contortionist back bends
Acrobatic contortionist stretching
Scenes at practice
Scenes at practice lot
Scenes at practice lot
Scenes at practice lot
Oktoberfest performance