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blind student's use of problem solving processes for positive professional learning experiences
population study of the Dade County Child Guidance Clinic for the years 1948-1958, Miami, Florida
Follow-up interviews with twelve individuals denied financial assistance during August, 1956, Dade County, Miami, Florida
analysis of the "social consequences" experienced by thirty one alcoholic patients before and during treatment, at the Alcoholic Rehabilitation Clinic, Tampa, Florida
Continuance and discontinuance of treatment, the Leon County Mental Health Clinic, July 1, 1959-July 1, 1960
Characteristics of five mentally deficient patients being considered for discharge from Rosewood State Training School, Owings Mills, Maryland, December, 1958
Family acceptance or non-acceptance of twenty white female patients released on trial visit, Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, Florida, 1959
comparative study of 60 community placement veterans from the Veterans Administration Hospital, Gulfport, Mississippi, June 1961
comparative analysis of the backgrounds of 50 patients referred to social work service because of discharge problems and 50 patients not referred to social work service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida
study of the thirty-six foster families providing family home care for neuropsychiatric patients from the Veterans Administration Hospital, Gulfport, Mississippi, November 1, 1959