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A study of enzyme synthesis in vivo and in vitro
Crafting social identity in the middle formative period
Kircher and Musica pathetica
profession of accountancy
survey of research literature in the field of child development published in certain psychological journals for the years 1945-1956
Use of the Bell Adjustment Inventory as a counseling tool at FSU
Geographic survey of resource use in Monroe County, Ky.
study of employee handbooks as a part of induction programs
Organizing a YMCA
Training high school child care aide students in observation of children using the slide set technique
William Maxwell
American Library Association Liberty and Justice Book Awards
Mississippi regional library system
Southern Observer
Mari Sandoz, daughter of Old Jules
history of the public library in St. Petersburg, Florida
Hodding Carter
Boundary layer structure over and around the Gulf of Mexico
study of reading and library use among Nobel laureates
Reproduction in Carditamera floridana (Conrad) (Bivalvia: Carditidae)
Attitudes expressed by nine male alcoholic patients toward the closed ward, Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida, September 1956-December
Development of an infrared oven
Factors contributing to unplanned discontinuance of treatment by patients at the Leon County Mental Health Clinic, Tallahassee, Florida, July 1, 1956 - September 30, 1957
comparison of cases reopened and not reopened at the Leon County Mental Health Clinic, Tallahassee, Florida from July 1, 1955 through June 30, 1957
experimental study on the value of training an employee in a food service department
Factors relating to achievement with selected topics in geometry and topology when taught to fifth-, sixth- and seventh-grade pupils via a programed text
study to test the effectiveness of a circular geoboard as an instrument for teaching selected arc-angle theorems
study of interactions between "Structure-of-Intellect" factors and two methods of presenting concepts of modulus seven arithemetic
study of the thirty-six foster families providing family home care for neuropsychiatric patients from the Veterans Administration Hospital, Gulfport, Mississippi, November 1, 1959
Difference between two subsamples of patients evaluated by the neuropsychiatric therapeutic review committee, Veterans Administration Hospital, Lenwood Division, Augusta, Georgia, June, 1959 to Augusta, 1959
comparative analysis of applicants to Douglas Gardens, the Jewish Home for the Aged of Greater Miami, Florida
comparative analysis of the backgrounds of 50 patients referred to social work service because of discharge problems and 50 patients not referred to social work service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida
Problems of eighteen adopted children and eighteen natural children, Jefferson County, Alabama, Mental Health Clinic, January, 1955 through November, 1960
study of the possible factors pertaining to the failure of 48 patients to respond to the recommendation for psychiatric treatment as recommended in the evaluation clinic, psychiatric clinic, University of Alabama Medical College, Birmingham, Alabama betwe
Attitudes toward mental illness as expressed by relatives of veterans on regular trial visit, the Veterans Administration Center, Gulfport Division, Biloxi, Mississippi, January 1 - June 30, 1959
Some psychosocial characteristics of out-patients whose cases were reopened two or more times in the Veterans Administration, Mental Hygiene Clinic, Coral Gables, Florida
Family and social characteristics of white and Negro dependent children residing in the Department of Public Welfare emergency shelter homes, Jacksonville, Florida, October and November, 1960
comparative study of 60 community placement veterans from the Veterans Administration Hospital, Gulfport, Mississippi, June 1961
Forty Florida Negro couples who adopted children during the years 1957-1959
Characteristics of unmarried mothers born in Spanish American countries and the United States, Catholic Welfare Bureau, Incorporated, Miami, Florida April 30, 1951 - May 1, 1960
Fifty-seven patients, dichotomized by educational status, evaluated by the Neuro-Psychiatric Therapeutic Review Committee over a three month period, Veterans Administration Hospital, Lenwood Division Augusta, Georgia
comparative study of 26 military and 26 non-military families using the Escambia County Guidance Clinic, Pensacola, Florida, From October 1, 1957 to September 30, 1958
follow-up study of forty white patients released between January 1, 1956 and June 30, 1957, Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, Florida
study of the psychosocial factors in trial visit failures during first hospitalization, Gulfport Veterans Administration Hospital
Family acceptance or non-acceptance of twenty white female patients released on trial visit, Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, Florida, 1959
Characteristics of five mentally deficient patients being considered for discharge from Rosewood State Training School, Owings Mills, Maryland, December, 1958
distribution of selected characteristics among 119 cases known to the Child Guidance Clinic of Pinellas County, Florida
study of the employment of thirty four epileptic male veterans treated at Veterans Administration Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida