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The effects of self-regulatory skills and type of instructional control on learning from computer-based instruction
The effect on performance and learner-sequencing decisions of Instructional Curriculum Maps in a hypertext environment
The effects of types of feedback on learning, retention, feedback study time, feedback efficiency, and response confidence in the domain of concept learning
An experienced teacher's model of thinking and teaching: An ethnographic study on teacher cognition
Evaluation and validation of two instructional design techniques to improve coordinate concept learning
An investigation into the relationships between teachers' exposure, demographic characteristics, concerns, and receptivity to an educational innovation
The effects of cognitive load of learning and prior achievement in the hypertext environment
The effect of cooperative and individual task structure on concept learning, feedback preference, achievement, student interaction and attitude toward computer-based instruction
The effects of input device control and gender pairing on learner satisfaction and achievement with level III interactive video
The effects of instructional control, cognitive style, and prior knowledge on learning of selected CBI taught arithmetic skills in a Korean elementary school
An examination of the effects of three types of preinstructional strategies on field-dependent and field-independent college students' academic performance in an introductory biology course
English as a Second Language student preferences in regard to computerized language learning: A multiple case study
Images of teachers in the instructional systems design literature over time
Achieving comprehensive curriculum reform: An analysis of the implementation of a mathematics and science education policy