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The role of graphic representation and students' images in understanding the derivative in calculus: Critical case studies
A study of achievement, retention, and transfer resulting from teaching absolute value by two definitional approaches
The negotiation of social norms in a university mathematics problem-solving class
Student participation and potential learning opportunities in grade three mathematics class discussion
An investigation of van Hiele-like levels of learning in transformation geometry of secondary school students in Singapore
The effects of instructional control, cognitive style, and prior knowledge on learning of selected CBI taught arithmetic skills in a Korean elementary school
A comparison of two distinctive preparations for quantitative items in the Scholastic Aptitude Test
A study of social interaction processes in mathematical problem-solving partnerships
Constructing a portrait of a high school mathematics teacher in Costa Rica
Semantic construction of relationships in curriculum of algebra II and chemistry
A comparison of learning probability by several formulas versus an approach relying upon an understanding of the fundamental concept of probability
Achieving comprehensive curriculum reform: An analysis of the implementation of a mathematics and science education policy