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The effects of self-regulatory skills and type of instructional control on learning from computer-based instruction
An evaluation of the effectiveness of two methods for providing computer-assisted repeated reading training to reading-disabled students
The influence of textual display in printed instruction on attention and performance
The effects of types of feedback on learning, retention, feedback study time, feedback efficiency, and response confidence in the domain of concept learning
Comparison of the effects of two schema activators in the acquisition of verbal information in students with different levels of prior knowledge
The training effects of analogical reasoning as strategic knowledge on problem-solving
The motivational effects of norm-referenced, knowledge-of-results, and criterion-referenced feedback
Effects of guided imagery on written occupational narratives
Personal understandings and mental models of information: A qualitative study of factors associated with the information-seeking and use of adolescents
The effects of think-ahead questions and prior knowledge on learning and retention
An examination of the effects of three types of preinstructional strategies on field-dependent and field-independent college students' academic performance in an introductory biology course
The nature of phonological processing abilities: A study of kindergarten and second-grade children
Developing executive control processes in reading: The design and evaluation of the reading strategies training program
A comparison of disseminators: Providing sexual abuse prevention materials to children
The effects of student ability, locus-of-control and type of instructional control on motivation and performance
The effects of feedback timing and learner response confidence on delayed retention of verbal information