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Role of Memory in a Structural Priming Task
Sex Differences in Early Social Communication Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Salivary Proteins Alter Bitter Taste
Regional Inhibition of 14-3-3 Proteins Induces Schizophrenia-Related Behaviors via Disturbed Neuronal Circuits
Stopping the Revolving Door
Effects of Repeated Administration on Intensity Scales
Pupillary Response Predicts Multiple Object Tracking Load, Error Rate, and Conscientiousness, but Not Inattentional Blindness
Characterization of HDAC4's Role in Brain
Neurcognitive Function and Dementia in Early versus Late-Onset Depression
Performance Gains Through Sensory Systems
Consequences of Prenatal Exposure to Valproic Acid in the Socially Monogamous Praire Vole
Hypothalamic Factors Involved in the Regulation of Prolactin Surges in Female Rats
Factor Structure of Symptoms in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Investigation of Digital Technology Use Among High School Students
Afferent Regulation of Neuronal Survival in the Avian Cochlear Nucleus
Persuasion Among the Powerful and Powerless
Use of Motivation Enhancement Therapy to Increase Intervention Utilization in a Population at High-Risk of Developing Anxiety Psychopathology
Elucidating the Molecular Etiology of Levodopa Responsive Dystonia
Reward Positivity, but Not Feedback Negativity, Is Sensitive to Reward History (Trial Sequence Reward Context)
Investigating the Factor Structure of Vocabulary Knowledge
Knowledge-Based Theory of Rising Scores on "Culture-Free" Tests
Factors Affecting the Likelihood of Constrained Retrieval
Disentangling Antisocial Predispositions in Adolescence
Do Lifetime Eating Disorders Confer Increased Risk for Suicidality in the Absence of Lifetime Mood, Anxiety, and Substance Use Disorders?
Social Support and Depression Among Community Dwelling Older Adults
Estradiol Modulates the Anorexic Response to Central Glucagon-like Peptide 1
Neuromodulation of the Kv1.3 Ion Channel by Satiety and Metabolic Hormones
Making the Connections Between Elements Participating in Cognitive Associations
Regulation of Inhibition in a Sound Localization Circuit
Proteomic Analysis of Deafferentation-Induced Changes in the Chick Cochlear Nucleus
Liraglutide-Induced Intake Suppression Competes with an Intake Promoting Cafeteria Diet, but Has No Effect on Relative Intake                 of Specific Foods or Macronutrients
Association of Teachers' Perceptions with Second Graders' Behavior and Academic Achievement
Investigation of the Dimensionality of Morphological and Vocabulary Knowledge in Adult Basic Education Students
Does Resolved Uncertainty Continue to Undermine Self-Regulation?
Classification of Juvenile Sexual Offenders by Victim Age Based Subgroups
Divide and Conquer
Error-Detection in Marksmanship
P3 Brain Potential Amplitude in Criminal Psychopathy
Treatment Seeking Among College Students with Problem Drinking and Comorbid Mood and Anxiety Symptomology
Role of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors in the Afferent Regulation of Chick Auditory Brainstem Neurons
Impact of Monoamine Transport Inhibitors in the Rat Gambling Task
Factors Influencing Remindings
Lexical Characteristics of Words and Phonological Awareness Skills of Preschool Children
Developmental Relations Between Reading and Writing at the Word, Sentence and Text Levels
Peripheral Neural Sprouting Contributes to Endo-Induced Vaginal Hyperalgesia in a Rat Model of Endometriosis
Latent Change Score Modeling of Developmental Relations Between Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
Development and Evaluation of a Computerized Intervention for Low Distress Tolerance and Its Effect on Performance on          a Neutralization Task
Anion Size and Acetic Acid Modulate Salt Taste in Rats
Functional Circuitry of the Medial Amygdala and Main Intercalated Nucleus in the Golden Hamster