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Still the Girl
Visions of Human Labor in Nature in 20th Century American Literature
Testing Free Speech in Our Conflicted Democracy
Twentieth-Century Western Scholarly, Artistic, and Journalistic Perspectives on the Middle East
El Lenguaje Ecológico de Manuel Rivas
Dysphoric Style in Contemporary American Independent Cinema
Games of Idealized Courtship and Seduction in the Paintings of Antoine Watteau and          Jean-Honoré Fragonard and in Laclos' Novel, Dangerous Liaisons
Vortex to Virus, Myth to Meme
Reading Model Comparison in Intermediate Spanish Using the Interactive Reading with Instructor Support (I.R.I.S) Model
Endangered Species Sculpture Garden
Effect of Gender on One Day-Old Infants' Behavior and Heart Rate Responses to Music          Decibel Level
Ending Oppression and Establishing Justice
Masculinity and Genre in Hollywood's Post-9/11 War Films
Liminal Laughter
Directoras Españolas
Literary Studies and the Third Culture
Psycholinguistic Investigation of Grammatical Class in Second Language Lexical          Processing
Alexander Pushkin's Influence on the Development of Russian Ballet
Career Paths of Non-European-American Executive Opera Administrators in the United States
Garden and Museum
Power, Truth and Knowledge in Modern Hispanic Narrative
Bridging Information and Communication Technology and Art
African Spirituality in the Novels of Tina McElroy Ansa
Cuentos y Cuentistas en Don Quijote de la Mancha
Legend of Saladin from Book to Screen
Developing a Short-Term Art Therapy Protocol for a University Counseling Center to Address Trauma
Haitian Immigrants and Their Descendants (HIDS)
Theme of Music in Northern Renaissance Banquet Scenes
Identifying the Critical Aspects of the Built Environment for Effective Art Education          in Institutions of Higher Education
Critical Analysis of the 34th Street Wall, Gainesville, Florida
Appropriations from the 19th Century and the Topic of Death in Modern Gothic Narratives
Anatomy of Nietzsche's Transformation of Dionysus
Student's Commentary on Heroides 5, 16, and 17
Visión Cultural Martiana del Nueva York Decimonónico
American Dream
"I Have to Know Who I Am"
Authority's Advocate
Hoopla in Harlem! the Renaissance of African American Art and Culture
Coming Around Again
Artistically Serving
Teaching Painting and Drawing at Florida State University
Paving the Path for Success
Figural and Discursive Depictions of the Other in the Travels of Sir John          Mandeville
Dance as a Project of the Early Modern Avant-Garde
Fashioning Schongauer
Attributes of United States Community Chorus' Success and Longevity
Alessandro Magnasco and the Painterly Picaresque
Interior Design Identity
Art Materials and Anxiety
Paired Conversations of Adult Museum Visitors in Front of Works of Art