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Understanding Developmental Students' Constructions of Personal Vision and Experiences with Community College
Dynamic Nature of the Emotion-Cognition Link in Trapshooting Performance
Art Integration and Reading Achievement
Writing Instruction in Third Grade Classrooms and Effects on Students' Literacy Achievement
Preschool Aggression within the Social Context
Learning from the Beehive Collective
Heideggerian Critique of the Role of 'Relation' in John Dewey's Philosophy of Education
homebound child
Elementary Preservice Teachers' Opinions About Parental Involvement in Children's          Education
Argumentation in Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratories
Nature of Pedagogical Practices Influenced by an Instructor's Beliefs in an Online          Mathematics Education Course
Effects of a Transition Planning Intervention on Career Choices of High School Students with Disabilities
Examination of the Integrative Relationship Among the Factors of Achievement Goal          Theory and Self-Determination Theory
development of the instructional program in Broward County, Florida
The Best Kept Secret in Pedagogy
Beneficial Role of External Focus
Korean Elementary ESOL Students' English Language Anxiety and Defense Mechanism in the ESOL and Mainstream Classes
Crossing Borders, Crossing Boundaries
Contributions of Student Affairs Professional Organizations to Collegiate Student Leadership Programs in the Late Twentieth Century
Pupil growth in the Marathon school
First-Year Student Ratings of Their College Environment Based on Background Characteristics
Data Mining Analysis of the Effect of Educational, Demographic, and Economic Factors on Time from Doctoral Program Entry to Degree Completion in Education
Identification and Analysis of Pedagogical Techniques in Decartes' La Géométrie
Perceptions, Behaviors, and Experiences of Extended Persisters in the Florida Community College System
Exploring the Meaning of Practicing Classroom Inquiry from the Perspectives of National Board Certified Science Teachers
College Student Spiritual Quest
Classroom Organization by Prior Performance Interactions as Predictors of Literacy and Language Achievement
Factors Affecting the Programming of Undergraduate Piano Recital Repertoire
Development of Bilingual Communicative Competence Through Play
Women's Voices on College Drinking
Need for an Islamic Pedagogy
Instruction and Developing Second Language Pragmatic Competence
Effects of a Reciprocal Questioning Intervention on the Reading Comprehension of          Children with Autism
Manipulatives in Writing
Model for Assesing Future Retirment Adequacy of Recent College Graduates
Effects of Study Abroad on the Development of Global Mindedness Among Students Enrolled in International Programs at Florida State University
Teacher Knowledge of Students and Enactment of Motivational Strategies in Teaching the Concept of Function
analysis of the exceptional children's unit in the Lake Placid, Florida school
Effect of ARCS-Based Motivational Email Messages on Participation in an Online ESOL Class
study of the adequacy of vocational rehabilitation services to mentally retarded persons in Florida based on selected cases
Comparing Working Conditions in Rural Honduran Schools with Low and Average Rates of Teacher Absenteeism
Doing Gender/Teaching Science
Gender Equity and Equality on Korean Student Scientists
Item Purification in Differential Item Functioning Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Perceived Influence of Accelerated Learning Program Enrollment on High School Students' Participation in Music
Examining the Sustainability of Research-Based Practices in Rural Elementary Schools after Program Funding Ends
Longitudinal Comparison of Vocational and Non-Vocational Education Students in Leon          County Public Secondary Schools
How the Merit Scholars Program of Florida's Bright Futures Funding Has Affected Student Success Among African-American Students
Dynamics of Implementing Continuing Professional Education Legislation
community tries cooperation