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Improving the Wireless Link Reliability of a Flight Termination System
Physical Based Modeling and Simulation of LiFePO₄ Secondary Batteries
Predictive Harmonic Cancellation Using Neural Networks
Single-Stage Grid-Interactive Inverter for Distributed Energy and Integrated Storage with Enhanced Power Flow Control
Simulating Reflectance at Interfaces Coated with Household Paints
2-Channel Low Power Broadband Transmit/Receive Switch and 720 Mhz High Power Narrow Pass Band Filter
Next Generation Grid-Connected PV Inverters for High Penetration Applications
Real-Time High Speed Generator System Emulation with Hardware-in the-Loop Application
Corrosion Detection by Induction
Bio-Inspired Stereoscopic Ranging Imager for Robot Obstacle Avoidance
Comparitive Study of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Methods in Forecasting the U.S. 30-Year Treasury Bond Yield
Morphological Image Segmentation for Co-Aligned Multiple Images Using Watersheds          Transformation
Novel Method to Improve the Spatial Sample Rate of Synthetic Aperture Sonar
Development of a Virtual Grid Interface for Phev Integration Analysis
Design Methodology for the Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Traffic Controller Using          Field Programmable Gate Array
Mechanism and Robot Design
SAS Yaw Motion Compensation Using Along-Track Phase Filtering
Application of Artificial Intelligence to Rotating Machine Condition Monitoring
Application of an Intelligent Tuning Algorithm for Three-Level NPC Rectifier for          Shipboard Power Distribution
Quench Behavior of YBa2Cu3O7−δ Coated Conductors
Realization of Swarm Behavior in Wireless Communication Systems and Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
Optimization of a Parallel Cordic Architecture to Compute the Gaussian Potential Function in Neural Networks
Optimal Space Time Trellis Code Design for Fast Fading Channels
Novel Fault Current Limiter
Analysis of Aftereffect Phenomena and Noise Spectral Properties of Magnetic Hysteretic Systems Using Phenomenological Models of          Hysteresis
Hybrid Wavelet Filter for Medical Image Compression
FPGA Implementation of Digital Filters Using MCM
Response Surface Methodology for the Analysis of Grounding in a Medium Voltage DC Shipboard Power System
Real-Time Hardware Design for Improving Laser Detection and Ranging Accuracy
FPGA-Based Model of a High-Frequency Power Electronic Converter in an RTDS Based Power System Co-Simulation
Optimization of Microstructure of Buckypaper-Based Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell by Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Adaptive Filter Architectures for FPGA Implementation
Gas Turbine-Generator System Duality Study for Real-Time Phil Emulation Using Power Electronics Converters
Designing Reliable Large-Scale Storage Arrays
Evaluation and DSP Based Implementation of PWM Approaches for Single-Phase DC-AC          Converters
Inferences in Shape Spaces with Applications to Image Analysis and Computer Vision
Testing of Actuated Signal Controllers for NTCIP Compliance
Security Evaluation of Tree Parity Re-Keying Machine Implementations Utilizing Side-Channel Emissions
Parallel and Sequential Algorithms for the Optimization and Design of Fault-Tolerant Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices
Determination of Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Thickness and Optical Parameters by a New Modified Prism Waveguide Coupler System
Techniques to Improve the Accuracy of System Identification in Non-Gaussian and Time Varying Environments
Novel Algorithm for Uplink Interference Suppression Using Smart Antennas in Mobile Communications
Birdcage Coils for MRI
Monolithic Hybrid Direct Methanol Fuel Cell & an Equivalent Nonlinear Electric          Circuit Model for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Medium Velocity Impact Triboelectrification Experiments with JSC Mars-1 Regolith Simulant
Passive Detection Suppression of Cyclostationary Phase Coded Waveforms
Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Optimal Power Tracking of Multiple-Modules of Paralleled Solar Cell Systems
Case Study of Islanded Microgrid Control
FPGA-Based Real Time Processing of Time-Varying Waveform Distortions and Power Disturbances in Power Systems
Minimizing FIR Filter Designs Implemented in FPGAs Utilizing Minimized Adder Graph Techniques