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investigation of first-year shorthand failures in the Pepperell High School of Lindale, Georgia, 1951-52 -- 1958-59
survey of the educational status of fifty-three children in Thomas county, Georgia, whose aid to dependent children grant was terminated due to maximum age, from 1943 to 1951
community tries cooperation
Fifty-seven patients, dichotomized by educational status, evaluated by the Neuro-Psychiatric Therapeutic Review Committee over a three month period, Veterans Administration Hospital, Lenwood Division Augusta, Georgia
study of the drop-outs in the Pelham Public School, grades six through 12, from 1947-1952
survey of the city of Valdosta, Georgia to determine the recreational needs of the city
consideration of some data from the case records of eighty-five runaways who were served by the Atlanta Travelers Aid Society between June 30, 1950 and July 1, 1951
Evaluation of Fletcherville School
Social service activities related to the rapidity of positive physical movement of 51 patients on a neuropsychiatric tuberculosis ward at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Augusta, Georgia, from July 1, 1957 through June 30, 1958
study of junior college libraries in Georgia
extended school services program in the Richmond Hill Community
Difference between two subsamples of patients evaluated by the neuropsychiatric therapeutic review committee, Veterans Administration Hospital, Lenwood Division, Augusta, Georgia, June, 1959 to Augusta, 1959
Planning an organized program for South Decatur High
study of certain factors which should be considered in the development of the school program in Collins, Georgia
Social service activity in the trial visit movement of 44 neuro-psychiatric patients at the V.A. Hospital, Augusta, Georgia from Jan. 1, 1954 through July 1, 1957
Thirty-seven patients evaluated by the Neuropsychiatric Therapeutic Review Committee from April 27, 1959 through June 11, 1959, Veterans' Administration Hospital, Augusta, Georgia