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Conversations with Ray Bradbury
Understanding Decentralization Local Power over Decision-Making for Comprehensive          Planning in Florida
Living on the Hyphen
Initiation of Treatment for Alcohol Abuse
Effects of Coaches' Behaviors and Burnout on the Satisfaction and Burnout of          Athletes
Managerial Decision Styles of Florida's State University Libraries'          Managers
Study Examining the Effectiveness of Two Instructional Treatments on Student          Achievement, Motivation, and Cognitive Reasoning Processes in a Complex Concept          Domain
Sylvester H. Scovel, Journalist, and the Spanish-American War
Institutional Influences and Control of Software Development Projects
Gender Wage Differential and the Under-Representation of Women in IT Education Programs          & IT Workforce
Florida Preservice Teachers' Attitudes Toward African American Vernacular          English
Fantasy of Victorian Cross-Dressing
Factors Affecting the Performance Levels of Risk Management Behaviors of Florida High          School Athletic Directors
Distance Learning Students' Perceptions of the Online Instructor Roles and          Competencies
Power Plays
Development of a Solid Hydrogen Particle Generator for Feasibility Testing of a Solid          Hydrogen Optical Mass Gauging System Prototype
Improving Monte Carlo Linear Solvers Through Better Iterative Processes
Evaluation and Enhancement of Electro-Kinetic Technology for Remediation of Chromium          Copper Arsenic from Clayey Soil
Antigenicity of the Low Molecular Weight Proteins in Selected Tree Nuts, Oilseeds,          Legumes and Cereals
Commercialism, Accessibility, Popularity, and Originality in American High-Art Music
Like a Tree on Its Side
Scale Development for Sport Fan Motivation
Graduate Students' Information Needs from Electronic Information Resources in Saudi          Arabia
New Strategies for Proteomics and Peptidomics Using Polymer Liquid Crystals for          Electrophoresis
Phylogeography of the Sigmodontine Rodent, Phyllotis Xanthopygus, and a Test of the          Sensitivity of Nested Clade Analysis to Elevation-Based Alternative Distances
Numerical Study of the Relevance of Clustered States in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors          and High Temperature Superconductors
Design Methodology for the Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Traffic Controller Using          Field Programmable Gate Array
Effect of Congruence of Leadership Behaviors on Motivation, Commitment, and          Satisfaction of College Tennis Players
Topology Aggregation for Networks with Two Additive Metrics
Dopamine Regulation of Social Attachment
Wheels of Heaven
Access and Equity
"Sound of Praise"
History of the Oregon Bach Festival
Effects of Social Relationships and Temperament on Kindergarten Students' Use of          Literate Language
Yukawa Unification in SO(10) Susy Guts
Eye and Mind's Eye
Hurricane Surface Wind Model for Risk Management
Identifying the Critical Aspects of the Built Environment for Effective Art Education          in Institutions of Higher Education
Predicting the Risk of Compassion Fatigue
Effects of Music Therapy and Deep Breathing on Pain in Patients Recovering from          Gynecologic Surgery in the Pacu
Compassion Fatigue in Middle Aged Public Health Nurses Working on Disaster Relief          Teams
Evaluation of Age as a Contributing Factor for Fatal Crashes in the State of          Florida
Influence of Transit Accessibility to Jobs on the Employability of the Welfare          Recipients
Comparative Analysis of Business Majors' Attitudes Toward Disability, Job Applicant          Disability Status, and the Placeability of Persons with Disabilities
Students with Learning Disabilities Who Are Admitted to the University Using          Alternative Criteria
Interpersonal Communication Dynamics Between African and Hispanic American Mothers and          Daughters
Development of the Coamps Adjoint Mesoscale Modeling System for Assimilating Microwave          Radiances within Hurricanes.
Building Four-Hundred
Body of Writing