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Music for piano and eleven players. (Original composition);
Chamber Symphony. (Original composition);
Ezekiel. (Original composition);
An investigation of the origin of bells in the Western Christian Church based upon a study of musical instruments used within worship services at major religious shrines of Europe and the Middle East (500 B.C.E.-800 C.E.): The Parthenon, the Jewish Temple
Of Canyons and Inlets: Three poems of Gerrit Lansing. (Original composition);
Closure in the sextet and short symphony by Aaron Copland: A study using facsimiles and printed editions
The effects of music on the selected stress behaviors, weight, caloric and formula intake, and length of hospital stay of premature and low birth weight neonates on a newborn intensive care unit
The effects of fast and slow music on a simple and complex folding task
The effects of structured music activities versus contingent music listening with verbal prompt on wandering behavior and cognition in geriatric patients with Alzheimer's disease
The effects of music and relaxation techniques on pain and anxiety of women undergoing in-office gynecological procedures
The effect of group song writing versus group singing and discussion on the self-esteem of adolescent substance abusers
The effects of music versus guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation versus guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation with music on the pulse rate and peripheral finger temperature of Hemodialysis patients undergoing treatment
The effect of music on differences in body movement of college music majors, dance majors, and sexual abuse survivors
The effects of visual and auditory stimuli on the movement behavior of pre-school children
The effect of vibrotactile stimulation, instrumentation, and pre-composed melodies on physiological and behavioral responses of profoundly retarded children and adults
The effects of on-hold telephone music on number of premature disconnections to a state-wide protective services abuse hot line
General music in th junior high school as projected by selected authors
study of the relative influence of heredity and environment on a career in music
Music in the Baroque Period
Kircher and Musica pathetica
World music curricula in Florida general music classrooms